“The Mantle is Passed and Other Events”
By Archie Goodwin

An editorial that introduces the new associate editor. Also explains why the glossary is not in this issue. The Kingdom story was too long so they used a future article to fill the space.

“Kingdom on an Island of the Apes Part II”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Rico Rival

Derek Zane has tracked the gorilla that took his stuff to the ape city. There he sneaks down and witnesses the gorilla general Gorodon murder the orangutan administer so he could take over the position. Derek gets the drop on him and ties him up. Then frees the captive humans and steals a wagon. He comes to the ocean and sees and island. So he builds a raft and takes the barrels of gunpowder that were in the wagon.

On the island he is captured by an ape in a suit of armor and taken to a castle. There he finds out he is on the island of Avedon, a society where apes and humans live in peace. The ape knight that captured him wants to have him killed but Lady Andrea convinces the king to spare him. So he is given the chance to prove himself by killing the dragon which turns out to be a giant mutant lizard. Derek kills it with his pistol but must then joust Sir Gwain the ape who hates him. He manages to defeat him and Gwain is banished for trying to shoot him in the back with a crossbow.

Finally General Gorodon tracks him to the castle and attacks. Luckily all the gunpowder comes in handy and destroys most of the army. Derek manages to defeat Gorodon and marry the princess.

“Finding the Future on the Fox Ranch”
By Sam Maronie

An article on the sets that were created for the movies.

“The Children of the Bomb”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Brent and Nova are witness to the bizarre religious service of the mutants as they reveal their deformed faces. Later Brent is taken to Taylor who the mutants have decided to mentally compel to fight each other to the death. Only Nova escapes and distracts the mutant long enough for it to be killed. They discuss the bomb and Taylor knows that it is a bomb capable of destroying the world. The ape army runs into the image of their scouts being burned alive and a giant statue of the Lawgiver bleeding. Zaius exposes the images as not real. So the army continues on and the mutants prepare the bomb.

The Kingdom story was a very interesting and well done story. I found it a fascinating look at another part of the apes world. I would have liked to have seen more of this story. It ended with the possibility open that further adventures would continue. But they decided not to do anything with it.

The article was OK but nothing outstanding. The movie adaptation continues to be faithful to the movie. Some minor differences but a solid adaptation.

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