“Scavenger of Souls”
Writer: Michael Fleisher
Artists: Jan Duursema & Tom Mandrake

Shamballah is in shambles. The volcano is spewing lava and poisonous gas. Dinosaurs are stampeding through the city. Luckily Power Girl is still around to use her powers. Jennifer is also using sorcery and communing with good spirits. She finds out that a great evil is responsible for this mess. Meanwhile the Scavenger has decided to take advantage of the chaos and bust into the Shamballah treasury with his scorpion ship. Tara and Morgan defeat him and he is later transported to the evil that is causing all the chaos. Khnathati the Empress of Infernal Darkness is awakened and the evil demons that started this sacrifice their life essence to make her young. She has used her magic to transform the Scavenger into The Scavenger of Souls.

So in this issue we are finally saying good-bye to the superheroes. Power Girl is told by Jennifer that she is needed on the surface. The Scavenger is transformed into a new evil being. As Morgan said, “Skartaris doen’t need superheroes” and I agree. We are also tightening up the story and no longer have all the various subplots which I think is a positive development. This new evil empress has some potential and the apocalyptic chaos adds an urgency to the story. A good start to a new direction.


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