“So We Meet Again”
Writer: Amy Chu
Artists: Marcio Fiorito and Carlos Gomez

The final confrontation with Kulan Gath and his beast. Sonja and Max have lured it to Coney Island where they hope that the Wonder Wheel in combination with Max’s power can open a doorway back to Hyrkania. Sonja jumps on the beast and stabs it which gets it to shoot its flaming breath at the wheel and power it up. Max does manage to open a portal and the beast being homesick ignores Gath and goes through. This distracts Gath long enough for Max to shoot Gath’s magical crystal and lower his barrier. Sonja then chops his head off. Gath is still immortal and continues on. So Max makes the ultimate sacrifice and drags him through the portal back to Hyrkania. Max’s partner still gets signals on her app that show him at a top secret research center in California.

So the final battle and we get to defeat the evil Kulan Gath. Max is now trapped in the past or is he? The ending sets up a road trip across the country which is a cool idea. I am glad that they are keeping Sonja in our time for a while longer. Her reactions and the possible adventures are endless in modern America. This has really turned out to be a great idea in bringing her to our world. Looking forward to the next adventure.

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