“Death Hunt”

Writer: Jim Owsley

Artists: John Buscema and Ernie Chan

In a Cimmerian village a young Conan dreams of being a warrior. He is visited by a woman who talks to him. He can’t understand her, but she tells him a story. We go back to the current story and Tetra has fallen down the well and absorbed its power. She is in pain and tearing apart the whole island. A giant wolf appears. Kiev tells everyone that it is here for Tetra. Its function is to eat the innocence from her. Delmurio tries to give Tetra to the wolf but gets killed by the wolf for his trouble. Conan fights the wolf and actually defeats it. Only it comes back, and Kiev convinces the wolf to take Tetra and leave them alone. Which is what the wolf does. Back in the past Tetra says that it would be better if she died in Pictland and is there to kill the young Conan. Only she decides not to and leaves.

This was a very interesting development to the story. Tetra has now absorbed the power and Conan fights off the giant wolf that is after her. Delmurio died a very cowardly way which I didn’t think he was capable of such actions. Kiev shows himself an honorable man and helps save Conan. I loved the way this story was told. Having Tetra show up to a young Conan and narrate it was a good framing device. Looking forward to seeing how this ends for Tetra.

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