Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Vasco Georgiev

Dejah, Kantos and Llana crash their ship next to the dead city of Golpas. There they seek shelter and discuss their next move. Clearly both Dejah and Llana got psychic impressions that Tara is dead. Obviously Kurtos Kurz wants all their family dead. Dejah decides to go to Helium and confront Kurtos head on. Thuvia is the only survivor of the attack on Ptarth. She wanders in the desert and comes on a horde of Warhoon. They for some reason can’t understand her language but luckily Thuvia can communicate with banths and they come to her rescue. In Golpas Dejah and company are attacked by a horde of spiders. They are herding the three to the giant mother spider.

This issue wasn’t that bad. It was a bit talky, but I liked the spirit of Dejah deciding to go right after Kurtos. Kurz. Thuvia is actually the one most in her proper character. A woman who can communicate with banths and she seems looks like what she should look like. I can’t say that for the vandelized Llana. I really am hating this character. She is just so annoying. Kantos is still a bit of a soy boy which I don’t care for either. Still the story has set up some interesting plots like who are these mysterious jeweled warriors. The causes of this new winter that is now happening on Barsoom. Of course, there is also the mystery of what happened to John Carter and Carthoris. Once again, an issue that is a mixed bag.

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