Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Vasco Georgiev

Kurz Kurtos receives word that his accident for Dejah has failed. He decides to take the more direct approach and send his elite guard after her. At the atmosphere factory, Dejah decides that she has to race to Ptarth for her other family is most likely in danger. In Ptarth the powerful guys in armor suits and welding axes have superhuman strength and easily cut through the guard. Tara gets Ptuvia and her grandsires to agree to escape in her ship. Tara fights these armored guys later known as the Jeweled Killers. Dejah, Kantos and Llana are found by Kurtos guards and decide to escape they must go into a storm. While there the fight in Ptarth goes bad. Tara’s ship explodes and she looks to have been killed. Dejah and Llana feel this death just as lightning hits their airship.

The story has some interesting things occur. Dejah and her family are in serious peril. Ends with what looks like all of them getting killed. Of course, we know that can’t happen or you wouldn’t have much of a story to continue. There are some woke stuff that I just don’t care for. One is having Tardos Mor and Mors Kajak seen to be helpless old men that need to be bossed around by a strong woman. These are not the characters I remember from the books. Also, I just hate what they did to Llana. This is not the beautiful feminine woman that I remember. So once again a mixed bag of an issue.

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