Writers: John Carpenter & Anthony Burch

Artist: Jorge Corona

Thanks to Jack and his deal, Ching Dai is at his weakest. So the gang attack him in his stronghold. Everyone is to fight his minions while Egg uses his book of spells to bring Ching down to normal size. Egg succeeds but unfortunately Ching manages to blow a hole through his torso. Lo Pan comes up with some kooky plan to pretend to attack Jack so Ching uses his strength to save him since Jack is his flesh bridge to Earth. Mei manages to stab Ching and kill him. It looks like the gang won. But Ching’s spirit convinces Lo Pan to embrace him. Now Lo Pan is the flesh bridge and kills Wang.

This was a fun entry in the series. A lot of funny dialogue as the gang take on Ching Dai. Lo Pan has some fascinating observations on the whole set up. Jack is his dumb self who somehow manages to come out on top from sheer dumb luck. Jack actually manages to defeat Thunder by beating him with Egg’s book. So at the end Ching dies and it looks like they win. But of course Ching isn’t that easy to kill and joins forces with Lo Pan. A fun and enjoyable story.

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