Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Joe Prado

Morgan decides to scout out the growing threat from this new self proclaimed deity that is conquering the neighboring lands. He takes Shakira and later finds Tinder also deciding to tag along. Tinder gives a song about the origins of the Warlord. The group then come on slavers and find Machiste a captive. Morgan wants to free his friend but Tinder thinks they should warn the settlers of the approaching threat. They argue and Tinder rides off to warn the settlers. Morgan and Shakira then free Machiste and find out his kingdom Kiro has been conquered. Mariah is a captive and taken north. They decide to follow Tinder to help him.

So the second issue gives us the Morgan of old. The one who goes off adventuring with Shakira. Tinder provides a nice recap of the first issues and Morgan’s origin. Morgan still has some cynicism about his life and the death of his son still haunts him. Interesting he still hasn’t found out that Tinder is his long lost son. We get hints that Deimos may still be alive and a sense that this threat is growing. I can’t tell you how enjoyable it is to read Warlord with Grell back at the helm. His long absence has definitely recharged his creativity for the Warlord.

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