“The Quotile Ultimatum!”
Writer: Hope Shafer
Artists: Frank Cirocco, Ray Garst, & Hiro Kimura

A new Yars recruit comes for his meeting with the leader. The leader tells this young recruit the secret history of the Yars. They were common houseflies from Earth. They were on the first interstellar ship that later crashed. The flies were the only survivors and the environment of the new alien world transformed them. They became intelligent and able to fly in space. They also could eat anything and convert it to bursts of energy that could dissolve anything.

So the Yars build a civilization on the third, fourth and fifth planets in the Razak system. Then the Quotile came and destroyed the fourth planet. Now the Yars must destroy their base on planet Epp. The Zorlon cannon is not complete and needs a Yar to use themselves as a target to hit the base. They also must first destroy the shield by eating or shooting a hole in it. They can hide in the neutral zone, the destroyed remains of the fourth planet. This protects them from the missiles but not the deadly swirls. So the brave recruit goes off to save the Yars and apparently we can help him.

Does this bring back some memories. This was included with the Atari video game Yars’ Revenge. It was a game where you played a giant space fly that would eat or blast a shield to get at the Quotile. Then guide in the shot from the Zorlon cannon. Avoid the missiles and swirl. Fun game and the comic does a good job of giving a creative backstory about what is going on and the basic rules. I know Dynamite is doing Atari games as new comics and I think there are plans to do a series for Yars’ Revenge. It has so much potential for an exciting series.