“Race With the Devil”
Writer: Charles Dixon
Artist: Ben Dunn

Baja, Mexico. The Socialist People of Mexico’s Industrial Re-Education Camp #11. The Swords of Texas lead the assault against this internment camp. They are successful and with the rebels help are gaining the upper hand in freeing the captive peons. But the government has turned to its contingency plan. They have a neutron bomb at the camp that houses the workers families. If the rebels don’t surrender they will detonate the bomb. The rebels start to surrender and the Legion of Man representative orders Governor Omo to then execute all the rebels and they will start importing new workers from other parts of Mexico. Omo has enough and rebels by destroying the command center. This allows the rebels victory. Banner and the Swords of Texas head back home with plenty of captured weapons to sell.

“Punch Out His Lights… The Party’s Over!!”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Flint Henry

The epic conclusion to Beau La Duke and his family’s fight to save the amusement park. Colonel Pate and his government goons prove to be no match for the La Duke clan. They are soundly defeated and the amusement park is safe. Beau finds love with the widow Smith.

So concludes the first Scout mini-series and it was enjoyable. We get to see what’s going on in Communist Mexico. It was a touching ending that Governor Omo did the right thing and sacrificed his life. Throughout the series it was clear he was an honorable man troubled by the actions of his superiors. So once again the Legion’s plans are foiled. A great action story with plenty of explosions, gunfights and giant robots.

The conclusion to the Dogs of War backup was also satisfactory if not totally predictable. It was a fun satirical story that had no pretenses to being serious. My favorite part was where the La Duke brothers commented that their foes seemed to have too much teeth and they should do something about it. A great backup for this series.



“Head Out on the Highway”
Writer: Charles “Tex” Dixon
Artist: Ben “San Antoine” Dunn

The Swords of Texas are traveling through commie Mexico hoping to avoid any trouble. But trouble seems to find them. First they are ambushed by a group of brigands that have been following them since Texas. Later they have a run in with a Mexican giant robot. They finally make the meeting with the rebels in the Baja. They then find out that they are expected to actually take part in the fighting.

“Kickin’ Asphalt!!”
Writer: Stephen Scott “Beau” Smith
Artist: Henry “?” Flint

Beau La Duke, his brothers and the Reverent Yuma arrive at their families amusement park. The La Dukes don’t have time for a family reunion as Shady Floyd and his thugs attack. It ends promising tag team wrestling, unlimited gunplay and fine Italian shoes.

The third issue seems to go real fast. Not a lot of plot development but it does promise tons of action in the final issue. Definitely looking forward to it.



“Got My Radio On”
Writer: Charles Dixon
Artist: Ben Dunn

Banner gets a message from his old childhood friend. The friend was killed by the Communist Mexicans for leading a resistance movement. The friend wants Banner to transport weapons to the Baja so that the oppressed people can throw out the Japanese and Russians. Banner meets with the main backers of this enterprise Senator Craig Creek the leader of the Southwest rebellion and Avner Glanzman the Israeli Mossad agent. The convenience store out in the middle of nowhere is attacked but most of the group survives. Banner decides to take the mission.

“The Time of the Preacher!”
Writer: Stephen Scott Beau Smith
Artist: Flint Beau Henry

Beau La Duke and his brothers are heading to West Virginia to help their father. In Oklahoma they meet up with a fire and brimstone preacher by the name of Reverend Sanddog Yuma the Gun-hand of God. The two groups successfully fight out a gang of bikers. Beau manages to recruit the Reverend to his cause. Meanwhile in West Virginia the opposing forces are gathering.

“La Duke’s Tips for Real Men”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Tim Hawkins

Beau La Duke is offering a contest on who is a real man and woman. People are encouraged to send in pictures of themselves for prizes.

So now we get a mission for the Swords of Texas. A good solid story with some more history with Banner and who is involved. Wow is it grim in the Baja. The peons are always getting their quotas raised so they can’t meet them and are not able to see their families. Instead they have to do calisthenics and produce more consumer goods for the state. The Japanese governor Omo is part of the Legion of Man and seems to be an honorable man not comfortable with these policies.

The Dogs of War backup is shaping up to be a great story. The Reverend Yuma is a colorful character and the bad guys look real evil.



“Lost Highway”
Writer: Charles Dixon
Artist: Ben Dunn

Banner and the Swords of Texas are on hard times. A gun deal goes bad with some shady drug dealers. Now with the civil war and the Commies in full control of Mexico times are hard for the gun running mercenaries. Things are happening in the Japanese Baja Trade Zone. Not everything is going well in the workers paradise. A man named Roeder is killed by the authorities but not before he gets off a message to the Swords of Texas/

“Brothers with Arms”
Writers: Steven Scott & Beau Smith
Artist: Flint Henry

Beau La Duke comes upon his younger brothers causing a ruckus at his favorite bar in Colorado. It seems that there is trouble back home. A shady developer named Floyd is using a phony insurance scam to take over his parents amusement part back in Huntington, West Virginia. Now all the La Duke boys are going home to help out the family.

The first in a Scout mini-series was an enjoyable read. The Swords of Texas I thought had a lot of potential and we finally get a story highlighting them. It does a good job of setting up what the mission is and gives us a glimpse into what life is like in Communist Mexico. The main opposition is the Japanese governor of the Baja Commercial Trade Zone. Typically ’80s to have the Japanese as well as the Soviets as the heavies.

The Beau La Duke story also has a lot of potential. Full of action and humor as the La Duke family takes on the government, a shady developer and two wrestlers on steroids. Fun over the top hillbilly action.