“Uncle Sam Blues”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Rick Veitch

Scout is locked up in the Worromontogus Veteran’s hospital in Maine. The doctors keep him pumped full of Xanax and locked in a padded room. It his here that Scout has visions. He talks to the Ghan, Mr. Deluxe and his dead mother and father. They encourage him to escape and find the man who is a shadow. Scout manages to throw up the Xanax and make a break for it. It ends with the mysterious man in a locked cell reaching out and grabbing Scout in a headlock threatening to break his neck if he doesn’t unlock the door. The man is Monday the Eliminator.

“Mean Red Spider”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Ben “Mangazine” Dunn

A truck is leaving the recently closed down Mt Fire. A mercenary group called the Swords of Texas ambush the truck and steal its cargo of guns and rations. They then go and sell the stuff to a shady Mexican revolutionary named Ortega. Ortega double-crosses the Swords and almost kills the leaders best friend. In reality it was a setup to steal a red box with a nuclear warhead inside.

This Scout story is a real psychedelic treat. The story is one dark disturbing place. The art shows all the ugliness of the people and place that this poorly run V.A. hospital is. Scout himself looks horrible as the drugged out drooling man that falls into his own excrement. Very interesting if somewhat depressing story. Also it sets up the team-up of Scout and Monday.

The Swords of Texas are introduced and they are an interesting group of people. They will play a much more important part in the story including the theft of the nuclear warhead.



“Nobody Loves Me But My Mother( And She Could Be Jivin’ Me, Too)
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout has been seriously injured with two arrows to the back. Doody uses his mystical powers to heal him. Soon after Rosa and her Rangers arrive and drive Doody’s followers back to the missile silos. Doody climbs up and gets in the nose cone. Once again his mystical powers come into play and the missile is launched. It gets destroyed by a Soviet defense satellite. Scout is taken prisoner and sent to a hospital back east.

“The Gold Of Nam”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

Monday tracks the general to Vietnam and an old temple. The general back in the war found a letter from a marine that was writing home about discovering a temple filled with gold. The general only knew the squad the letter came from so that is why he was killing all of Monday’s squad. He failed to kill the people who knew and the Legion of Man was using the general so they could get the gold for themselves. Monday and his friends take care of the general.

“La Duke’s Tips For Real Men”
Writer: Beau Smith
Artist: Tim Harkins

Lesson one. La Duke has written a book on how to be a real man. He has Scout with him.
Tip#1 Wear Jackets that will cover your manly accessories like guns and knives.
Tip#2 Wear your hair short.
Don’t wear hair long or have a skirt or ever wear makeup. He is pointed this out on Scout who gets visibly angry and pulls his pistol.
Final Tip Know when to say bye.

So another chapter in the Scout saga comes to a close. Doody ends up blowing himself up in an explosion in orbit. VP Loper has succeeded in showing the public the dangers of being weak and Scout finds himself a captive. The short Monday storyline also ties up nicely. Both characters will come together in the next storyline. Everything tied up nicely and sets the stage for an exciting new plot.

The La Duke tips was hilarious. A frivolous one page feature. Some great comedy relief in a very serious comic.



“If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout, Rosa and Avner are now prisoners of Doody and his cult. The three manage to escape and Rosa and Avner manage to open the gates and let the Army Rangers in. The Rangers look poised to take over the base when Doody uses psychic powers to burst all the Ranger’s heads. Scout is in shock and receives an arrow in the back from one of Doody’s followers. Meanwhile a rival promoter in Las Vegas named Savage Henry wants to form a rival blues band to take on the Disciples of Soul.

“Break On Through”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

Monday the Eliminator assaults the office of the man who has been killing his old squad from Vietnam. He makes short work out of two dozen guards and beats the information out of a businessman. He finds out an Army general is behind it and its about gold still in Vietnam. He also finds out that the secret organization The Legion of Man are the real powers pulling the strings. A revelation that doesn’t surprise Monday in the least.

SO Doody is shown to have some major scanner type powers. Scout also appears to buy the farm at the end. The story ends with Next ? That definitely sums up my feelings after reading this action packed story.

The Monday story was a real treat. Monday is shown to be one bad mother… A man who is hinted at being quite older than he looks fighting a very old sinister secret society. This plus the hint of adventure and gold in Vietnam make for a great continuation of a story next issue.



“Me and the Devil”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout was given the option of a full pardon if he kills the cult leader Doody. Doody is a friend of Scout’s and he declines the offer but goes off after Doody himself. Rosa has to go with plan B and takes off with Mossad agent Avner in Big Moishe the giant Israeli robot. The robot the pinnacle of Israeli technology has a total malfunction on the doorstep of Mt. Fire and Rosa and Avner are taken prisoner. Scout has penetrated the complex and rescues them but at the end is surrounded by Doody and his followers. Meanwhile the Disciples of Soul get a paying gig in Vegas. Finally a mysterious group called the Swords of Texas are watching the proceeding at Mt. Fire.

“Morning is the Long Way Home”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

Monday the Eliminator has arrived to rescue his old Vietnam squad buddy. The guy is in bad shape with all the drugs he’s been taking. After easily taking out the professional hit squad, Monday takes Shorty to a mansion. The place is the home of another comrade from Vietnam who has made it big in computers. With Shorty save Monday goes after the mysterious person behind the assassinations of his old squad.

The storyline is really starting to heat up. Doody has access to nuclear weapons. He also shows some mystic abilities with his power to take out Big Moishe and turn the CIA agents that infiltrated his group. President Carver is showing that she is not under the thumb of VP Loper. It sets up a very interesting confrontation.

The Monday story is awesome. With his white hair, dark sunglasses and trench coat Monday is like a version of the Terminator. There is a mystery about his past and a mystery in who’s behind the killings. Indeed there’s a mystery in the motive. Makes you want more.



“Come Back Baby”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout is in the desert when he is attacked by army rangers. He kills a bunch of them but then comes up against a giant robot. The robot a gift from the Israelis is driven by Sgt. Rosa Winters. She has a proposition for Scout. A clean record and all he has to do is kill someone for his country. Meanwhile Loper’s operatives manage to take over a missile base with nuclear missiles and give it to Doody and his cult. The New Disciples of Soul come to Las Vegas for a gig.

“La Veau”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Flint Henry

A Vietnam vet suffering post-traumatic stress disorder is having a nightmare in a run down hovel. He dreams of his buddies from Nam and dreams they die a horrible death. In the real world his buddies are being assassinated one by one. One of his buddies the enigmatic Monday the Eliminator shows up and thinks that La Veau know who is killing the old squad.

This new story is a great set up for the new plot line. All the major characters are introduced. Project Fire Mountain is already implemented and Scout looks like he’s getting drawn into it. Plus there’s a giant robot and giant robots are always cool. A great introduction to what will be an exciting new story.

The back up Monday the Eliminator is also excellent. Finally a back up story worthy of this book. Written by Truman it will eventually tie in with the main Scout storyline. This story introduces a mystery that I can’t wait to find out in the next book. Monday is also a real cool badass.



“Bad to the Bone, Part II.. Got to Move”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

La Duke goes to the local Hells Angel gang to help him fight off Colonel Pate and his Salvation Army goons from taking his cattle. It does cost him 15 cows, one breeding bull and play three Mantovani cuts a day on his radio station. The last one seems to be the hardest for him to accept. Well La Duke and the gang put up a good fight but are on the verge of surrender. Luckily Scout comes in the nick of time with proof that Pate is not after the cows but the minerals under the land. To avoid a costly court fight Pate and La Duke come to an agreement.

Meanwhile Rosa and President Carver meet in a parking garage with Mossad agent Glanzman. They discuss what to do with VP Lopers plan to use the cult of Doody to take over a missile base. The only way is to find someone that can’t be linked to the administration and the likely candidate is Scout.

“Scout: QXB Portfolio”
Writer: Timothy Truman

A collection of character portfolios by artist that were old school buddies of Truman.
The Four Monsters by S.R. Bissette
Sgt. Major Rosanna Winter by Jan Duursema
The Gahn by Tom Mondrake
Sgt. Major Raymond Vaughn by Ron Randall
Guitar Man and the New Disciples by John Totleben
Doody by Rick Veitch
Scout by Tom Yeates
Missy by John K. Snyder 3

The issue concludes the battle with Colonel Pate. I didn’t really understand why it was easier to steal La Duke’s cattle than his land. I guess the legal system is really messed up in this dystopian alternate reality. The story is a set up for a major plot that will involve the shadowy governments attempt to portray America as weak by having Doody’s cult following take over Norad. An enjoyable action packed issue with some really great portfolios by many leading artists.



“Bad to the Bone!”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Sam Parsons

It is now 2001 and Scout is wandering Colorado. After getting into a fight with some Hell’s Angels who are rustling cattle he meets Beauregard La Duke. A good ol’ boy from West Virginia who owns a town and has a large herd of cattle. His prosperity has drawn the attention of Colonel John Pate of the Salvation Army. He plans to confiscate La Duke’s herd. Luckily Scout is around to help stop his plans. Also Doody has gathered a large following with his strange blend of the Bible and Lord of the Rings. Government agents are manipulating Doody for some sinister Project Mountain Fire.

Writers: Charles Dixon & Timothy Truman
Artist: Timothy Truman

A special preview of a new series. Its a revival of an old ’40s comic series. In this story we are introduced to The Heap. A Swamp Thing/Man-Thing type creature. Originally Baron Von Emmelman a WWI pilot shot down and crashed in a swamp. The swamp turned him into a walking creature called The Heap. He later helps heroes in their battle against the Nazi and senses he is need again.

A new storyline for Scout. The new character of La Duke is a real treat and sounds like he was modeled on a real person. Fascinating that Truman envisioned the Big Tire Truck craze as surviving into the 21st century. Or maybe La Duke is a fan of the Fall Guy. Some other interesting developments. President Carver is no longer a junkie and is becoming a threat to the shadowy guys that control the government. Sgt Winters teams up with Israeli ambassador Glanzman who is also a Mossad agent to find out what’s behind the sinister Project Mountain Fire. Also the Salvation Army is a very weaponized organization in this alternate history America. Who would have thought that?

The Airboy is an interesting glimpse. I have heard of this comic and it does sound interesting. The Heap is probably the inspiration for Swamp Thing/Man-Thing characters. The series does have an old pulp feel to it.



“Hellhound on My Trail”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout and his chipmunk Ghan are in the hill of New Mexico. It his here that Scout has hallucinations about being attacked by childhood Apache boogeymen the Goden and the Clown. Good thing a Uzi takes care of them. Then he has to face a Hellhound that turns out to be himself. Meanwhile President Carver meets with the ambassador of Israel who offers help. Doody the poor simple boy that was tortured is blind and wandering the desert. He has gathered a following on his teachings from the Lord of the Rings.

Artist & Writer: John K. Snyder III

Francis Knight has gone back to visit a childhood friend on a small island. She reminisces about her childhood.

So the Scout story was sort of a break between two storylines. Scout comes to terms with himself. We get to see potential stories with Doody’s religious followers and the Israeli offer. An OK story. Beautiful artwork and the hint of something to come.

The Fashion In Action story comes to an end in Scout. It goes on to its own book which I never bothered to get or read. It wasn’t missed and gets replaced by something far more interesting.



“Bring It on Home”
Writer: Timothy Truman
Artist: Tom Yeates

Rosa Winters is writing in her diary and she decides to talk about the past. She grew up in Los Angeles during the earthquakes. Communist coups in Mexico and trade embargoes from South America cripple the US economy. Also pollution, nuclear plant disasters and overfarming start to take their toll. Most of the rich after the quakes leave for Tucson and Colorado. Rosa grows up in the gangs that have taken over L.A. A right wing government takes over and starts rounding up children for military training. At Camp Falwell in Carlisle Pennsylvania she meets fellow recruits Scout and Vaughn. She and Scout become lovers but Scout is a loner and decides to desert after getting transferred to Arizona. Winters goes on to an illustrious career.

Writers: John K. Snyder III & Chris Fauver
Artist: John K. Snyder III

Frances and Roxanne have a duel with pistols and Frances wins. Dr. Cruel releases her along with the captive Johnny Mars. The rest of the FIA crew must deal with the robot Johnny Mars.

This was an important issue in the Scout story. We finally get some background on the main characters and some history on why America is all messed up in 1999. An interesting premise that didn’t come true at least in the 1990’s anyway. A good story that gives insight into the character of Rosa Winters and Scout.

The Fashion in Action is still just chunking along going nowhere.



“House Burning Down!!”
Writer & Artist: Timothy Truman

Scout is recovering from his wounds in a ventilation shaft in the Astrodome. He has one more monster to slay before taking on President Grail. At first he thinks its Bill Loper the President’s chief of staff but it soon turns out that the Antelope Monster is really a giant robot. A giant Antelope robot that shoots lasers from its eyes. After defeating the robot he confronts President Grail and kills him. Meanwhile Rosa is forced to kill her friend Sgt. Vaughn when he tries to assassinate the Vice President. The story ends with the characters going there separate ways and Scout heading off into the desert.

“Look Sharp!”
Writers: John K. Snyder III & Chris Fauver

The F.I.A. girls are getting ready to assault the wedding party to stop the robot Johnny Mars. Frances Knight fights the crazy Roxanne.

So the final confrontation occurs. I didn’t see the giant robot coming but this was an exciting conclusion to the storyline. It leaves a lot of stuff still up in the air. Rosa looks like she will be allying with the Vice-President now President Carver and maybe help her off her drug addiction. Bill Loper is still a sinister figure who is part of some evil conspiracy. And obviously Scout will be back.

The Fashion in Action is still eight pages of nothing. Can’t believe it takes two people to write so much nothing.