“Paradox: Saturn’s Secret”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artists:Mike Vosburg & Joe Jusko

The servant races in the outer colonies are planning to revolt. They are stockpiling food and starting to grow their own in direct violation of Terran law. Already twelve Interplanetary Security Agency agents have been killed. It looks like a high placed mole in the agency is leaking ISA secrets. Thus the ISA turns to his best agent the shape-shifter Paradox. Paradox is to head to Titan and link up with a team of specially engineered agents. The rebels are planning to assassinate the emperor as he visits Titan. This will signal a system wide rebellion. Paradox links up with the team but ends up betraying them. He is the mole and heading the rebellion.

“Silhouette Assignation At Madstar”
Writer: Peter Gillis
Artist: Gene Day

In the future captain Rorik of the cargo ship Shakti tries to make a living. He is part of the Clementine State which seems to be a theological run empire. One day he is kidnapped by the famous criminal Silhouette a beautiful woman who controls the Madstar. The Madstar is an ancient star-system that an ancient race created. It can produce a rare element. Silhouette needs the Shakti to smuggle the elements into the Clementine state. A assault by the Clementine fleet results in Madstar being destroyed.

Writer: Steve Skeates
Artists: John Buscema & Bob Wiacek

A man with no memory and a splitting head-ache escapes from a hospital. He is later assaulted by a mob for his body parts in the street. A woman takes him in and he finds out that he is on a world that the military uses to fix it’s soldiers. Those not cost effective to fix are put out and they constantly are fighting to take the body parts off people to sell to the hospital. The man goes back to the hospital and remember who he is. He had a brain tumor and the doctors wanted to use his body to transplant the brain of a general into his body.

“Bucky Bizzare!”
Writer: Steve Skeates
Artist: Steve Smallwood

Bucky travels in a time machine. He arrives in the future and is in the middle of a fight between a Bo Derek looking girl and slime creatures. The girl is a Rairie and she fights the evil Groobles. Just then a wooden space ship descends. It is Ronnie Raygun who looks like Ronald Reagan. He gives the girl a Willkie button. At the end she says that “He certainly came a long way to tip a Rairie!” Groan!!!

Well this issue of Bizarre Adventures dealt with the theme of the future. The Paradox story was another fascinating look at a unique future. It was a surprise twist that Paradox was the mole. Apparently he fell in love with the Lunarian woman from the last story. She was skinned alive in prison by the guards so he has a vendetta against natural born Terrans.

The Silhouette story was another fascinating future that could make for continued stories. Rorik was one of those lovable rogues and the Clementine State which seemed to be a religious theocracy has great potential for future interesting stories.

Honor was a bit weird but interesting. My least favorite was Bucky Bizarre. It was supposed to be funny but just dumb and the bad pun it ended on should get the writer a well deserved beating. This feature sounds like it became an ongoing series for this title. I can only hope it gets better.



Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Val Mayerik

It is two hundred years in the future. Earth is the center of the Terran Empire. A paradise world mainly devoted to agriculture. Its how the Earth maintains its control over the solar system. Industry, crime, pollution and poverty have been exported to the other worlds. On the other worlds are gengineered humans genetically engineered to survive on the world they live from Mercury to Pluto. On Luna the Moon the Terran ambassador dies in a traffic accident. He was taking Fireflite an illegal drug that will make a person spontaneously combust if they don’t take an antidote in time.

The ISA (Interplanetary Security Agency) sends its best agent Paradox to investigate. Paradox is a well known anti-gravity dancer who is secretly an ISA agent. He is also been genetically engineered to be a shapeshifter. His investigation takes him to find out that the ambassador’s death is from his wife; who is a Lunan who was gengineered to be a beautiful woman. The drug addiction was a plot by Lunan revolutionaries to get secrets to help their rebellion.

This was a really fascinating story. I love the idea of a future where humanity has engineered slave races to work the outer worlds. Paradox is this sort of foppish entertainer who in reality can change into any one the various species or an individual. A real unique idea for a series. Endless possibilities with a decadent Earth controlling the grimy repressed servant races of the colonies.