“The Lord of Tyndall’s Quest”
Writer: Doug Moench
Artists: Mike Ploog & Alex Nino

Tyndall of Klarn has been send by the dwarves he was living with to find the Heart of Evil in the Realm of Shadow. A land that has a ring shaped island floating in the sky and casts a permanent shadow. Inside the light ring he finds the skeleton of a behemoth and inside an egg. The egg hatches and out comes Velanna a beautiful elf woman. Tyndall is overjoyed since he thought he was the only one of his kind. They start out of the place and have to fight the swamp serpents.

They are unaware that an old wizard named Grithstane is watching. He creates from candle wax creature to go and capture the young elf duo. Grithstane needs Tyndall to go to the floating island and bring back the blood of a dragon so he can regain his youth. You see he has a beautiful elf girl captive he wants to be young for. With Velanna’s life is danger he has no choice but the be transported to the island. There he finds some tribe about the sacrifice a young elf girl to the dragon. He tries to save the girl but she is a swamp serpent that can change shape. The dragon comes and battles the swamp serpent and kills it. Then Tyndall kills the dragon and takes its blood. Luckily as be comes back he finds out that Grithstane was eaten by the captive elf girl who was really a swamp serpent in disguise. Good for him since Grithstane planned to kill him when he got back. The two young elves continue to search for a place to live in Weirdworld.

So this was I think the first Weirdworld comic that was done. I really loved the concept and am disappointed that nothing really was done with it. After the excellent Warriors of the Shadowrealm nothing except for a few appearances ever came from it. You know they are always reviving stuff from the past and this concept looks to have great possibility. You never know.



“There’s a Mountain on Sunset Boulevard!”
Writer: Bill Mantlo
Artist: Frank Robbins

It starts off as a typical day in Los Angeles when suddenly an earthquake strikes. The next thing you know a mountain is standing smack dab in the middle of Sunset Boulevard. The mountain draws four monsters to it. The Ghost Rider, Morbius the Living Vampire, Werewolf by Night and the Man-Thing. The monsters come face to face with The Starseed, a being that shimmers with a golden glow on a steed. He claims to be from thousands of years in the past. Aliens picked up the mountain and took it into space. The people on the mountain were able to rebel and use the aliens technology to return home. The Starseed is the only survivor.

The monsters are of course a bit rambunctious and start fighting among themselves and the Starseed. The Starseed is mortally wounded. He shows them that he had the power to cure the monsters and return them to normal humans. But he’s dying and the monsters are still cursed being monsters. The monsters leave the mountain dejected that they must continue their lives as monsters.

Marvel Premiere was a title that would sort of test out possible series ideas. The Legion of Monsters took four minor known characters in the Marvel universe and teamed them up. It was a fascinating idea and the story was full of genuine pathos and tragedy. But I couldn’t see this being a continuing series and apparently no one else could either. So we have a interesting stand alone story with some cool monsters and a compelling story.