“Angry Red Planet Conclusion”

Writer: John Layman

Artist: Fran Stukan

Red Sonja has been defeated and now her head is in a jar. Xi’Zeer the Martian scientist who now rules the kingdom of Bryssendyn plans to use Red Sonja in endless gladiatorial combat. Her head will be mounted on some obscene monstrosity. His bride to be Green Sonja thinks this is wrong and she should be given a warriors death. Xi’Zeer doesn’t care and plans his wedding and continual conquest of Earth. So in the throne room he is about to execute the Princess when he is attacked. Both Red Sonja and Green Sonja now confront him. Green Sonja managed to put Red back together and because she has Red Sonja’s DNA she rebels against the cruelty of Xi’Zeer. Xi’Zeer pulls a huge ray gun and shots at Red but Green Sonja sacrifices herself to save her. The princess uses this time to stick a sword through Xi’Zeer. The rebel Martian convinces the other Martians to leave Earth and return home. The Earth is saved and Red Sonja continues her adventuring. It would be much later when Mars once again will attack Earth.

The final issue came to a satisfactory conclusion. It was Red Sonja’s essence in Green Sonja that was the evil Xi’Zeer’s downfall. I actually enjoyed this series more than I thought I would. It had a strong cast of characters. It had a great villain. A good happy ending and a fun story.


“Angry Red Planet Part 4”

Writer: John Layman

Artist: Fran Strukan

The story opens with a narrator telling the story of the epic battle between Red Sonja and Green Sonja. The two battle and Green Sonja is victorious. She chops off Red Sonja’s head and takes it back to Xi’Zeer. The rebels surrender after this and are also taken back as prisoners. We then jump back to before the battle. Red Sonja is teaching the young princess how to fight. Jerak comes to put a stop to it. So the next day they find a patrol and ambush it. They have success against the reinforcements but a giant walking golem and flying saucer turn the tide. Red Sonja finds herself confronted by Green Sonja and loses her head. Only she wakes up alive and very surprised. For Xi’Zeer had put Red Sonja’s head in a jar for some nefarious future use.

This had a nonlinear type of story which I though was a unique idea. We get the big fight that sees Red Sonja lose to Green Sonja. It skips back to the day before and some time with Red Sonja and the princess. Then the origin of the big battle. It ends with the surprise that Red Sonja is still alive if not without a body. The ending really sets up a cliffhanger that the reader wants to find out how Red Sonja gets out of this.

Interesting not is this I got a message from WordPress that this is my 7 year anniversary. I can’t believe I have been doing this for seven years now. Hope to see for another 7.


“Angry Red Planet Part 3”

Writer: John Layman

Artist: Fran Strukan

Sonja has been captured by the evil Martian scientist Xi’zeer. She is going to make him a wife. So she is strapped on a table and given some electro shocks. After this she is taken to the dungeons where the princess is also locked up. Sonja decides to attack the guards and she manages to tear them apart. So the two escape and make their way to freedom. While looking they run into two of the giant Martian guards. Their comrades come up behind and manage to slice them up. Jerak and the huge hooded Fer’yn are there to rescue them. Sonja is grateful until she finds out Fer’yn is actually a Martian. Jerak manages to stop her from killing him and Fer’yn explains he was opposed to Xi’zeer and was then turned into a giant freak. He also tells her that Xi’zeer wasn’t going to marry her but use her genetics to build a Green Sonja.

This was another fun little story. It has the over the top Martian stuff of the evil scientist with his eye patch no less, doing all sorts of goofy experiments. Sonja still can kick ass even after being tortured. She has a bonding moment with the young princess. Finally she hooks up with her friends and finds out one of them is a dissident Martian. She also finds out that Xi’zeer is making a Martian version of herself. So next issue a battle between Red Sonja and Green Sonja.


“Angry Red Planet Part 2”

Writer: John Layman

Artist: Fran Strukan

Advisor Xi’Zeer tells his fellow Martians that the Earth has attacked and destroyed their homeworld. Now they are the last of their race. He tells this lie to motivate them in his conquest of Earth. (Not really sure how he explains how a primitive people could travel and attack Mars.) Anyway Sonja is teaching the young princess how to swordfight when she is attacked by a group of warriors. These warriors are friends of Jerak the last surviving member of the royal guard.

The group heads to a small port where the princess can get a ship to a far land. One of the group recommends a place that will discreetly hide the princess while she waits for the ship. Sonja accompanies him and the princess. She finds out this mercenary has betrayed them to the Martians. Sonja kills two warriors but gets captured by a giant Martian/Human hybrid. She finds out that Xi’Zeer wants her to be his bride.

The second issue was a fun read. I loved the beginning with the humans attacking Mars instead of the other way around. As I mentioned in the beginning this is a perplexing plot device since Earth clearly is too primitive to attack Mars. Yet it was a fun sequence. Had some nice moments with Sonja teaching the young princess how to fight. It looks like Sonja is in for some interesting times. This series keeps the goofy pulp feel of the Mars Attacks universe which I like.


“Angry Red Planet Part 1”

Writer: John Layman

Artist: Fran Strukan

During the Hyborian age the Martians had an advanced and peaceful civilization. Only the advisor to the emperor named Xi’Zeer believed only conquest and war would advance their society. So he proposes a peaceful expedition to Earth. The emperor was glad to get rid of his advisor and agrees. Later Red Sonja is riding along when she comes on a group of refugees. They are from the city of Bryssenden and state that ogres with foul magic have conquered it. Sonja finds the remnants of the King’s Guard trying to fix their wagon when it is attacked. A Martian is riding a giant ant. He has a laser crossbow and lightsaber. After the ant tears up Sonja’s horse she gets real mad. Sonja manages to chop off the ant’s head then drive her sword through the Martian’s head. The surviving guard convinces Sonja to help him deliver the last survivor of the royal family a young girl to safety. Xi’Zeer who has now set himself up as ruler of Bryssenden hears of the defeat of his warrior by a single woman and orders her to be hunted down and killed.

It seems that Dynamite nowadays has basically become Red Sonja or Vampirella titles. The titles now revolve around combining one or both with many other series. This one now gets to Mars Attacks. So was it good? Yeah this was an enjoyable issue. Sonja is her usual badass self and the Martians are their evil selves. The writer gives them energy swords and crossbows to give them a more medieval feel but otherwise they have their giant insects and advanced technology. Another goofy crossover between two properties I never would have thought to see.