“Play of the Gods Part IV”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

So now Captain Ahax, Taranto and his mercenaries, and the priests are stuck in the new land. They have all this gold but no way to get home. The natives are infatuated with Groo. Thing do start to look up when the natives manage to build a new ship to take them home. This time they won’t overload the ship with gold. So they get the ship loaded and ready to go. As an added protection they make Groo and Rufferto ride in a row boat behind the ship. Groo being Groo manages to mess things up. He sees the leftover gold and loads it on the ship. So the ship is overloaded and sinks again. Meanwhile the natives have discovered cheese dip and finish the temple they are building. It is to Groo. Now gods are born with the imagination of mortals so now Groo shows up as the god of cheese dip and mindless fraying.

So ends this mini-series in the Groo meets the gods saga. So now Groo is a god which just terrifies all the other gods. It would kind of scare me having him with godlike powers. It comes to a hilarious ending and I am looking forward to the next mini-series Day of the Gods.


“Play of the Gods Part III”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Well a lot of stuff is happening in the new world. The clergy are still planning on converting the natives to Diothos. Unfortunately their army is in sad shape. Made up of prisoners drafted from the dungeon they are a sad looking bunch. That they hire Groo to train them does little to improve the situation. The local natives are growing resentful of the invaders and plan to fight them. When the army chickens out they manage to call Groo who starts to slay the native soldiers. But a kind native saves Rufferto from a falling wall. Groo is moved by this act and the natives take advantage to bring Groo to their side. They ask what he wants and the answer is Cheese Dip. The natives have no idea what that is but start looking for it.

Meanwhile Ahax makes his way to shore after his ship sank. He finds out that Groo did take the boards from the bottom and sell them for a roast pig leg. He convinces the natives to build a new boat. Of course he also has to face the wrath of Taranto and the clergy for trying to leave them behind while he escaped with the gold. And the gods are unset because the heavens are filling up with all these gods and the people are resorting to converting people by force.

The third issue is this series is another enjoyable read. Plenty of witty satire about religion. Plus you have the goofy antics of Groo and all the characters that inhabit his world.


“Play of the Gods Part II”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Captain Ahax, Taranto and the clergy of Iberza are on their way to the new world. Everyone’s spirits are high with the prospect of all that gold and heathens to convert. It quickly gets dashed when they realize that Groo is on board. Ahax immediately jumps ship and almost chooses getting eaten alive by sharks then being with Groo. Well after Groo wrecks the sails and some other stuff Taranto gets a brilliant idea. They set Groo and Rufferto in a small rowboat that is towed behind. This gets the ship safely to the new world.

So this new land known as Mexahuapan is indeed a wondrous land. Gold is everywhere and the people are quite content. They seem uninterested in being saved and want nothing to do with the cheap pots and jewelry the crew has to offer. They find out that these people have thousands of gods. A god for the color purple, the letter L, asparagus and the list goes on. This believe in so much gods materializes all these gods in the heaven where the current gods hang out. The realm of the gods is getting very crowded. Meanwhile Captain Ahax gets a ton of gold and tries to head out but his ship sinks stranding everyone in this new land.

The second issue gets us to a new land for Groo to cause all sorts of misery and destruction. So belief creates gods and the Mexahuapans belief in so many gods is overcrowding the realm of the gods. I am a bit confused by this since they believed in them for such a long time wouldn’t they have their own realm. Why would they all of a sudden appear in the old world gods realm. Maybe I’m thinking too much after all you shouldn’t think when reading a Groo comic.


“Play of the Gods Part I”
Writer: Mark Evanier
Artist: Sergio Aragones

Groo and Rufferto come to the kingdom of Isaisa. The kingdom is going through changes. People are flooding in that don’t believe in the one true god Diothos. The priests get permission from the queen to have an inquisition to torture and slay those who don’t accept Diothos message of love and compassion. They run into a problem with Groo coming and starting to attack their soldiers. A wise priest manages to put up signs showing the way to cheese dip and getting Groo to go around in circles.

Ahax meanwhile has come back from his explorations and reports a new land filled with gold. Naturally the queen wants this land and hires Taranto and his mercenaries to claim it. The priests are interested in converts. Taranto gets permission to recruit prisoners from the dungeon to fill in his mercenary troop. Thus Groo who wanders into the dungeon looking for cheese dip is recruited for the voyage to the new world. While all this is going on the gods are angry with Diothos who they blame for tacitly approving his followers inquisition.

A new Groo series and you can see where its going. Nice to see Taranto back who is scheming to get all that gold and poor ole Ahax who thought he was free of Groo. Should be an interesting reaction when they find out their favorite barbarian is along for the ride. And of course the gods are once again fighting and will probably draw Groo into the whole mess. The start of another great Groo mini-series.