Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Dan Jurgens

So Morgan after his introduction to Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance gets to talking about his life. Morgan was curious how the world was in his twenty year absence. Tried to get back pay but that got him too much negative attention from the government. He is disillusioned with the world. Seems not much has changed and people are still fighting over nothing. While this is happening the crime boss that Morgan confronted last issue is out for revenge. He is angry that his asshole brother-in-law was wounded but more that his Rolls Royce was trashed. So he arranges for a blackout and the cities thugs to cause a commotion to distract the police. Then his men will move in on Oliver’s place. Needless to say Morgan, Oliver and Dinah have no problem taking out the thugs. Morgan decides to head back home.

So the two-part guest shot of Travis Morgan ends. It was an enjoyable story. Nice to see him back wandering the country and his observations. I love that Grell finally united the two characters since they do look so much alike. Except that Morgan is taller and older. There was a somber tone to this story but some humor was mixed in. This was a nice tribute Grell gave to his character to keep him alive in spirit for as we will see the Warlord will return.

On a side note I enjoyed Grell’s Green Arrow. I have a feeling that I will have to someday seek out more of this excellent series in the future.



Writer: Mike Grell
Artist: Dan Jurgens

A mysterious man at a bar at the waterfront in Seattle is menaced by a man with a mohawk. Tries to knife the stranger but gets the knife driven through his hand. Later he is attacked by a gang with baseball bats. Finally a car stops with some thugs. The head thug wants to teach him a lesson and tries to have him thrown off the bridge. This is a mistake as the head thug’s goons are easily dispatched. The head thug tries to run the man over but the man pulls a pistol and shoots the car. Then he questions the thug. Later Oliver Queen is awakened by the doorbell. Outside is a white-haired man who looks just like him. The white-haired man slugs Oliver for all the trouble he caused him.

So it has been pointed out that Grell’s Oliver Queen looks just like Travis Morgan. So since Grell was doing Green Arrow he decided to have some fun and introduce both characters. I had to get Morgan’s appearance in this title since I am a huge fan of Warlord. The story is simple and Oliver Queen is reduced to a guest in his own title. That’s fine since it was a joy to see Morgan back in the hands of his creator. The story is told with a minimum of dialogue. The atmosphere is dark and rainy as Seattle should be. A great joy to see my favorite character back.