Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Pasquale Qualano

Young Dejah listens to her grandfather as he tells the story of Barsoom. How it was once full of life and water. That the three races came together and build Ephysium. So when Dejah grows up she dreams of finding this mythical city. One day her father comes back from exploring the ruins with a great white ape. He imprisons it in the dungeon and shows the young Dejah the prisoners there. She later goes through the secret passages to talk to the great ape. The green warrior there asks her why she is there. While talking the green man tells Dejah that he has seen Ephysium and will guide her there if she sets him free. So next day Dejah uses acid to free the white ape. In the distraction the green warrior manages to jump on a fly and get away. He doesn’t take Dejah with him.

So this is going to be a prequel to the first Martian book A Princess of Mars. That is one of my favorites and an excellent choice to set a story. So far I like this introductory issue. It shows a young naive princess and her quest to find a mythical city and save Barsoom. The artwork is beautiful and Dejah looks as incomparable as described in the books. Dejah has been on a role with Dynamite lately.