“Book 4 The Conqueror”
Writer: Gary Cohan
Artist: Ron Randall

Zhengla has invited Jinal, Yisrah and Barasha to a ceremony. They will take the Mulge mushrooms and have a vision. But it is a trap to find out who is a traitor. It reveals Yisrah as an agent of the Old Ones. He manages to escape with a hidden transporter. So the group makes plans to take D’roz. Jinal comes up with a plan to have 100 of them infiltrate the city. They arrive posing as pilgrims. Seems many pilgrims have arrived to offer their machinery. The Old Ones are building two robots. Jinal and the horde manage to break into the city after destroying the robots. Then they come to the chamber and Zhengla declares victory. Only Jinal uses that time to shoot him. Zhengla was too good to be offered a chance at a fair fight. His dying breath he offers the Earth to Jinal. She later takes the Mulge mushrooms for a vision of her own. She talks to the Old Ones and finds out they are the ones who created the Qlov. She sees herself uniting the world and reactivation the star cruisers. At the end the ship from her people arrive.

The final ending to this wonderful series. A bit surprising to have Jinal just gun down Zhengla. Yet she was right in that he was too good to let him have a fair fight. At the end we get answers to the mystery of the Old Ones. They were those who stayed behind and genetically engineered humans for the new Earth. The Qlov being one of their creations. It ends with the arrival of the colonist humans and a thank you from the creators. They state they have plans for the continuation but sadly that came to be. I would have loved to see where the story would have went. Yet they did end it and gave some closure to the fans. I hope someday they get that chance to continue to the story. Who knows with so much obscure stuff coming back through crowd funding.


“The Warrior!”
Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randall

The Harahashan horde under Barasha has come to get revenge on Zhengla. Instead of the two armies fighting they agree to settle it in a dual between the two. The two have an epic fight that results in Barasha losing. Jinal intervenes and gets Barasha to agree to join them. So the two armies unite and head out to capture the open city of S’keen. This city is under the protection of the Old Ones. So the army heads out and meets a ship from the Old Ones. They claim to support Zhengla and lead the way to a meeting. Only the ship leads them into a trap. A village of Qlov attacks them. The village is lead by the renegade Qlov and their battle globe. Jinal manages to bring the globe down. Then they fight the Qlov and Zhengla manages to crush one with his bare hands. They use the captured Qlov globe to ram the ship guarding S’keen. They capture the city and are well on their way to taking the entire planet.

So this one shows that Jinal seems to have fully accepted Zhengla as her lord and master. She openly works to unite Harahashan with his army. They battle what looks like a primitive Qlov settlement on the Earth. They also soundly defeat the Old Ones. The final issue is one I looked forward to for it will answer all the mysterious questions and give a resolution.


“Book 2 The Captive!”
Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randall

Jinal is now captive of the brutal conqueror Zhengla Koraz. Zhengla had a vision that Jinal would be his consort and doesn’t really take no for an answer. After a fight she is invited on his next conquest a small desert settlement. Zhengla’s army rides right over the small settlement. Jinal uses the battle to try and kill him. She fails and this infuriates Zhengla. So he makes Jinal his slave and uses every chance to humiliate her. Jinal during this time gains a grudging respect for Zhengla. He is a harsh but fair ruler. One who has a commitment to make peoples lives better.

One day after a conquest the Mulge leader asks for Jinal. Zhengla at first grants the request but decides not to. He wanted to show that there are worst things than being the consort to him. He then gives Jinal a pistol and offers her the chance to kill him. Jinal decides not to and instead become his consort willingly. Later Zhengla tells her his story. He was a brigand who rescued a woman from the Mulge fungus ceremony. As a reward for putting her out of her misery she gave him a vision. A vision that showed him conquering the world with Jinal at his side. The story is then interrupted by news that the Harahashan hordes under Barasha have arrived.

Well this was a fascinating story. Jinal goes through all these hardships with Zhengla. It was a surprise to see her give in to him. Also we start to find out about Zhengla and his origin. Someone very capable of conquering the Barren Earth. At the end we get another cliffhanger with the arrival of Jinal’s allies the Harahashan. A very interesting story with beautiful artwork.


“Book 1 The Ravager!”
Writer: Gary Cohn
Artist: Ron Randall

The escape pod from the ship sent to Earth arrives and an admiral announces the failure of the mission to the Senate. The Qlov have destroyed the ship and one escape craft with her portege Jinal Ne Comar has managed to make it to Earth. So she will lead the mission to rescue the survivors and establish bases on Earth. Meanwhile on Earth Jinal and her companions are returning to Arq after their failed attempt to get the Old Ones to help. Jinal has plans to conquer the Earth herself. After a run in with some hostile raiders the group makes it to Arq only to find it in ruins. The people slaughtered and the name Zhengla written in blood on the walls. A survivor tells of a huge army that is now at the waterworks.

The group goes there and fights its way in. Chairman Mangle with the survivors and 100 Harahashan are still holding out. Barasha and his people break out to head south and gather the rest of the tribe from their winter camp. The humans blow the entrance and hold out. Only the Mulge break through. The Mulge are allied with this conqueor and with his troops manage to overrun the waterworks. At the end Jinal finds herself captive with the conqueror Zhengla wanting to make her his bride.

So the backup story from The Warlord graduated to its own mini-series. It picks up right where it left off. Jinal has plans for conquest but looks like someone beat her to it. This someone is a very Genghis Khan type. I was glad this story got it’s own series. It really helps to see it get the room to expand on the story. Already we know that the Humans are coming and there is this new threat of a conquering army. A good start to the story that gives readers a brief recap and gets right into the action.