“Into Death’s Dimension!”
Writer: Don Glut
Artists: Ernie Chan & Rudy Nebres

Kull is in his chambers thinking about being king of Torranna. Lorelei joins him and soon after he tells her of his plans and also asks her to be his queen. The proposal is interrupted by Ridondo who stumbles into the room. He has recovered and found a secret passage that lead to Kull’s room. Kull has a policy to always find out where such passages lead. So the three go exploring and come to the dungeon where they rescued Ridondo. Norra and Gar-nak are having a lovers spate. When they leave the three enter. Soon they are discovered by the palace guard who has orders to kill any intruder. Kull easily manages to keep them at bay until Korr-Lo-Zann comes and puts a stop to it.

So there is a feast with the nobles. Next day Kull and a reluctant Ridondo are sent through the portal to recover the crown from the demon. They find a strange world full of dinosaurs. A castle in the distance seems like a good place to start their quest. Meanwhile Lorelei convinces the three wizards to also send her after Kull. They agree and she ends up right in front of the demon.

So Kull is in love and asked Lorelei to be his queen. I really love this woman and she has consistently shown she is a brave and capable woman. Ridondo does bring up that something is off about the city. Kull is oblivious to it but he has a point. The city is weird and I think there is something sinister. Korr-Lo-Zann and his companions are clearly in service to the creepy master with the fortune cookie riddles. So for now next issue promises a fun time in this kooky other dimension fighting a giant horned demon.


KA-ZAR #14

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Andy Kubert

Ka-zar is losing his wife Shanna and son to the High Evolutionary. So he goes around and tells the people of the Savage Land that the High Evolutionary is taking their beloved Earth Mother. So Ka-zar shows up with a huge army to confront the High Evolutionary. Shanna is starting to have second thoughts and wants to leave but the Evolutionary uses his creations to keep her prisoner. So a big fight starts. Ka-zar riding a pterodactyl and the Evolutionary a mutated dragonfly. Ka-zar then threatens to release the stolen Isotope E and super evolve everyone on Earth unless Shanna is released. The High Evolutionary agrees but Ka-zar is knocked off his pterodactyl. Shanna uses her power to grow plants to cushion his fall. This has snapped Shanna back to reality. She rejects her powers and the High Evolutionary. This impresses the High Evolutionary that Ka-zar has such stamina and leaves them. Ka-zar gets better and lives happily with his family.

“Ka-zar the Savage”
Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Kenny Martinez

Ka-zar is on the subway in New York surrounded by two guys with pistols. Ka-zar attacks and the pistols going off both blinding and deafening Ka-zar. He still manages to take out the two thugs and a policeman who in his state he doesn’t recognize as a cop. Zabu who was following busts in and with the help of a woman stranger take Ka-zar away. Through flashbacks we learn that Ka-zar and Zabu are back in New York to take care of the hotel room they were renting. Shanna is depressed after losing her nature powers and recommends that Ka-zar go alone as she works out her problems. While riding the subway he got into a fight with some thugs. So now he finds himself at the woman’s apartment blind and deaf. Also he is a wanted man.

A big double size issue with flip covers. The first was the conclusion to the High Evolutionary story and the swan song for the Waid/Kubert team. An enjoyable issue that sees Ka-zar use his smarts to get back his wife. The High Evolutionary is also shown as not evil but misguided. He sees his mistake and leaves with dignity and a newfound respect for Ka-zar. Shanna has her powers taken away and now the Plunder family is living a happy life. A good ending for the Waid/Kubert team who had done an excellent job on this series.

So as a bonus you flip the book and get the start of the new storyline from the new writer/artist team. Starts out right in the action in New York. At first you are dumped right in the middle of the story but through skillful flashbacks the reader is brought to speed on how Ka-zar came to his predicament. This new team shows great promise and the New York adventure they are starting looks intriguing.


“War for the Planet of the Apes”
Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Jonas Scharf

The group from the safari zoo in Reno run into a little trouble at the market. A bunch of men think that the safari should share their food and a fight breaks out. They make it back to their zoo and continue to fight. During this we find out that the little kid is actually a small chimpanzee. The daughter calls him Bad Ape. It looks like they have beaten off the attackers when the father is hit in the chest with a bullet.

Caesar is preparing to move his people far away from humans so they can live in peace. He also has plans to groom his son for leadership. Some of Koba’s followers are ambushed by the army and they get a captive gorilla. The apes from Florida are heading toward Atlanta and massacre a human farming community. The research centers in Portland and Atlanta are working to analyze the simian flu. They find it is mutating and effecting human’s cognitive abilities. Colonel McCullough arrives at Portland and he thinks the scientists are not doing enough about the plague by keeping apes. He has the apes killed then the scientists. He then plans on moving to San Francisco to take out the apes.

Well a lot of different storylines are going and the writer manages to keep them going and interesting. We are seeing the origin of Bad Ape and Colonel McCullough and his little kooky genocidal plans for both apes and those humans he blames for the plague. Filling in a lot of story that was not told in the movie.


“Evil in Ebony”
Writer: Cary Burkett
Artists: Alan Kupperberg & Pablo Marcos

Morgan and company ambush a patrol of New Atlanteans. He needed their armor so him and Krystovar can scout out Shamballah in disguise. They also take Shakira who will scout out the palace as a cat. When they arrive Morgan gets into a fight with a New Atlantean who was stealing fruit from a defenseless vendor. When Krystovar stops to bandaged the man’s severed fingers this cause some tension between the two. So they complete the mission and are heading back to camp but have not gone unnoticed. Saaba the witch follows in the form of a crow and brings to life an Earth elemental. Morgan and Krystovar manage to roll a boulder on it destroying it. But Saaba has overheard their attack plan for Shamballah and knows where their base is.

Meanwhile Tinder almost falls under the spell of the gem. Jennifer stops the Evil One from taking over his body in time and forbids Tinder from coming into the Evil One’s old lair until she can safely destroy the gem. The Vashek assassins have tortured the information from Captain Hawk’s first mate Pegleg. They now know where Morgan is to meet Hawk.

Well a lot happened in this issue. We see Shamballah under occupation and Morgan is starting to come up with a plan. I loved the tension that Krystovar’s act of mercy caused between the two. Morgan is angry because he thinks the enemy deserved to have his fingers cut off. Krystovar thinks it was needless cruelty. Both have strong convictions and refuse to back down. But both work together well and are still great friends.

There was some humor as Shakira while exploring the palace runs into a guard with some lizard dogs. He releases them and one comes running back in fear and the other is stabbed with a spear. Just a little black cat is in the room and he goes out shouting about a demon cat. The Evil One seems to be asserting himself and has targeted Tinder to be possessed. The Vashek assassins are coming closer to meeting Morgan. Finally Saaba is going to tell Lord Sabretooth where Morgan is so future issues are looking to be full of excitement.


“The Coming of Coral Dane!”
Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Luis Bermejo

On Io a moon of Jupiter a young woman is comforting her dying mother. She plans to get the old spaceship running and bring back her father. So with her pet giant cat with a big horn growing out of its nose they take off. She lands in Cottonwood Arizona 1981 and being in a furkini with a giant horned cat does attract attention but she manages to evade the police. She manages to throw a knife in Restin Dane’s car tire with a message with coordinates to meet her.

So Restin and Bishop head off in their alien space and time machine to Io. There they find a swamp world with deadly alligators and snakes. They meet the old woman who shortly after dies. The furkini girl Coral is there also. She is Restin’s daughter and feels that he abandoned them to this world. She destroys their ship and steals their guns so they can’t defend themselves. They battle one giant snake and kill it but another is coming.

“Joe Guy America’s Foremost Hero!”
Writer: Jim Stenstrum
Artist: Abel Laxamana

In 1937 young Clark in Smalltown, Illinois has an illegitimate child with Amelia Earhart. This causes his father a heart attack and Clark goes off to the Bigtown. Amelia leaves the child at a monastery in Indiana. The child grows up to be Joe Guy a superhero for hire. He has easy financing and takes all major credit cards. He works from JGI headquarters in Bigtown, Illinois. Two Soviet journalist coming to interview him are exposed as robots working for his archnemesis Jellyfish.

After defeating the robots an alien probe comes looking to hire him. A dangerous criminal named Glink has come to Earth. They offer 1 million Yahooties for his capture. Joe agrees and goes off in his Wotta Car to the Rockies. One condition is him and his partner a dwarf must wear Audio Refractors or ear plugs so they are not distracted by Glink’s lies. They find Glink who is a cute goofy alien and they pull out the ear plugs and find that Glink is an escaped slave. The ear plugs are explosives that were to eliminate our heroes. Glink is allowed to remain in the caves as our heroes return home.

Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Alfredo Alcala
Voltar is dying from the plague and Magog’s assassins decide to bring him back. They want to show the conquered humans their hero as a captive and hope the plague will spread. So they bring Voltar to the captured castle and he is thrown in the dungeon. An old man named Sadducees heals him. Voltar then notices the dungeon is full of warriors and wonders why they were captured so easily. Seems their savior who is nailed to an x outside convinced them that the only way to salvation was to accept their lot with dignity. Voltar rejects this and vows to fight on. At the end the assassin who brought him is is the king’s estranged son.

This was a good issue. The Rook story was a hoot with them going to the jungle world of Io. Not sure how life could exist on Jupiter’s moon but it is a cool idea. Restin’s daughter is a hot chick in a furkini but you wonder about the paradox of having him never meet her mother. How would she be born to prevent Restin from meeting her mother. Interesting to find out next issue.

Joe Guy is a not so subtle parody of Superman. Still it is a goofy story. Interesting that back in 1980 the world is described as full of pollution, energy shortages, nuclear proliferation, terrorists, pimps, mobsters and politicians who are more crooked than any of them. Sounds like nothing changed in the last forty years.

Voltar continues on. The stories are short but interesting and I love the artwork.


“A Lizard’s Throne”
Writer: Don Glut
Artist: Ernie Chan

Kull and Lorelei are confronted by a giant snake as they enter the dungeon to free Ridondo. Kull jumps on its neck and tries to decapitate it. Lorelei goes to free Ridondo and notices him in pain every time Kull strikes the snake. Two of the hooded wizards are casting a spell from a smoking brazier. Lorelei smashes the brazier and the snake dissolves to smoke and goes back into Ridondo. The wizards were using his life force to conjure the snake.

The wizards flee and we find out they are two young lovers Gar-Nak and Norra. They have a visit from their master who shows them a lizard in a maze to get a chicken leg. The chicken leg was poisoned and the lizard died. The master thinks this is a very important lesson. Meanwhile Kull thinks Ridondo is dead as the wizard Korr-Lo-Zann arrives and manages to revive Ridondo. After finding a place for Ridondo to rest he introduces the other two to Gar-Nak and Norra. Lorelei is taken to get cleaned up while Korr-Lo-Zann tells Kull of the cities history. A demon from another dimension came through a rift and killed their former king. Korr-Lo-Zann and his two companions managed to expel the demon. Now they need a new king and offer the throne to Kull. There is just one catch. He must go to the demons dimension and retrieve the crown he stole.

So this was fascinating issue. We find out a little about the mysterious hooded wizards and the city they are in. Lorelei continues to impress me with her skills. She was the one who really saved Ridondo. The mysterious master the wizards serve sounds like a complete moonbat and still remains a mystery. Kull now has the opportunity to get a throne. One that he envisions in using to retake the Valusian Topaz throne back from Thulsa Doom. He just has to fight a giant one-eyed demon in another dimension to get the throne. Another enjoyable issue in Kull’s quest to regain his throne.

KA-ZAR #13

“The Politics of Evolution”
Writer: Mark Waid
Artists: Aaron Lopresti & Randy Emberlin

Shanna under the tutelage of the High Evolutionary is growing more powerful. She continues to alter the environment and can now sense nature all over the world. Ka-zar has come to the conclusion that going to the High Evolutionary was a mistake. He can’t even talk to Shanna because she is too busy. So he uses their son Matt to get to Shanna. This gets Shanna to think about abandoning the power but the High Evolutionary has a plan to create a new world with Shanna’s help. He is going to convince Ka-zar to join them with their son. Ka-zar meanwhile has stolen a powerful element from the High Evolutionary’s lab that accelerates evolution. When he gets home the High Evolutionary is there. He gives the power to his son and threatens that Ka-zar must get in line or he will lose both his wife and son.

An interesting direction that Mark is taking the series. After the intense Urban Jungle story this is a much more laid back story. More on thinking than action. Shanna is becoming a goddess and losing touch with the real world. The High Evolutionary is adept at manipulating her and seems calmly going about getting what he wants. This is a new enemy for Ka-zar in that it will take brains and not strength to defeat this enemy. He has stolen the means to elevate himself. Will be interesting to see if he uses it.


“War for the Planet of the Apes”
Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Jonas Scharf

In Nevada a father is going to Reno to trade his pig for supplies. He takes his two children. One is all covered up and wearing a gas mask. In San Francisco a group of humans are fleeing the rampaging apes. Just as it looks like the apes will get them a big explosion draws the apes away. They later watch the apes as they gather their dead and weapons and supplies. Caesar knows the human army is coming and is getting his apes ready to hide in the forest. The watching humans decide to form an army of their own.

On the other side of the country in Florida two men are looking for apes to capture. A research center in Atlanta needs specimens. The two talk about rumors that the whole state of Florida is taken over by armies of apes. This proves true as this army ambushes them and kills the two. One ape takes the flyer for the reward and seems to know that the apes are being taken to Atlanta. So the army marches north. In Atlanta the center is still researching the continuing mutation of the virus and need adult ape specimens.

So this is a prequel to the new War for the Planet of the Apes movie. It bridges the second and third movie. So far it jumps around to several groups of both humans and apes. I thought the movie was just excellent and am happy that there is a story to fill in the gaps between the two movies. So far I am intrigued. Interesting to get some action on the other side of the country where the apes are also mutating into intelligent creatures and thriving. A good start to this series.


Writer: Cary Burkett
Artist: Dan Jurgens

Morgan and company head back to their main rebel base after setting up the camp for Captain Hawk. When they come to cross a bridge they find a giant has taken it over. Morgan fights this giant and reminisces that it is similar to a fight he had with bully Danny Maddox as a kid. The action runs parallel with him fighting Danny and the giant. Only the fight as a kid just ends in a beat up bully while the present ends with a dead giant.

Later Jennifer Morgan remembers her childhood with her father reading her Robin Hood and other classic adventure. Later her mother dies and she is left with an aunt. In outer space the Monitor decides to take an interest in Morgan’s history and watches a recording of how he entered Skartaris. In Bakwele one of Patch’s men is hunted down and tortured for information on Morgan by the dreaded Vashek assassins. Tara when she comes back notices Tinder admiring her armband. This brings back a flood of memories on how she first met Morgan and got the watch.

So this was an issue with many little vignettes. It was basically to retell the origin for new readers. They did a good job in showing us old time readers some new material and not bogging the whole issue down in a retelling of the origin. Introduces Danny Maddox who will show up later in Morgan’s life. Interesting that even as a kid Morgan had white hair. Odd choice because I always assumed that it turned white when he got older. Also the issue gives us an introduction to the Vashek assassins who will become a major enemy for Morgan.


“Master of the World”
Writer: Budd Lewis
Artist: Lee Elias

Restin Dane finds himself captive of Robar the Conqueror along with Arthur Conan Doyle and Jules Verne. Robar is an alien who was fighting in a war that had lasted thousands of years. Tired he deliberately sabotaged his ship. It damaged his body which is why he is more machine that man. He was the only one to survive the crash and decided to build his dragon ship to subjugate the people of Earth and force them into peace. Meanwhile his friends down in Haiti are about to be overrun by hostile natives when Bishop and Manners come back in a time machine they found in the alien cave under Restin’s home. On the dragon ship Restin manages to defeat Robar and with the help of Sherlock Holmes who is real and was disguised as a crewman they escape before the ship explodes. At the end the dean who came to write a book will write about the two Mexican henchmen that accompanied Jennings. Cisco and his sidekick Poncho in The Adventures of the Cisco Kid.

“Viking Prince”
Writer & Artist: Jose Ortiz

Sigfrid, Sampson and Freya are attacked by a horde of giant cyclops. Sigfrid is knocked into a river while his companions are captured. Sigfrid has to fight a giant sea snake that is in the river and barely manages to escape. He tracks the cyclops to their cave and rescues his companions from an evil wizard named Saraveg. Saraveg wants revenge against King Olaf and plans to take it out on his daughter. Sigfrid comes and frees them. He then has to fight a giant lizard and the horde of giant cyclops. Luckily King Olaf arrives and rescues him. Now he finds out Freya who he had feelings for is his half-sister and he was saved by the man he wanted revenge on.

Writer: Will Richardson
Artist: Alfredo Alcala

Voltar is in the caves with illusions from the plague he carries. He sees his beloved Elysium fall to the hordes of goblins. He decides to try and cure himself with the writing of the scholars who were murdered. But they wrote in a language he can’t read. He then sees the savior that he is looking for come with a raised sword to kill him. Only its the plague induced fever that makes him see this. In reality it is another assassin from Magog come to kill him.

So the Master of the World story ends with all sorts of goofy action and coincidences. Out of nowhere comes his grandfather and robot who conveniently find the alien time craft. Also convenient is there is a real Sherlock Holmes who is there to help out. I really loved this story. Just fun with tons of action. It started out and ended in a totally different way that I could never have envisioned which I think is an awesome way to write a story.

The Viking Price was another just chock full of wild action from beginning to end. You don’t have time to think as it just goes forward full speed. So now poor old Sigfrid finds out the woman he was attracted to is his sister and his enemy saved his life. Gets real complicated being a prince raised as a peasant. And wow is medieval Scandinavia full of giant monsters. You can’t go 100 feet without running into one.

Voltar was the shortest but still an enjoyable tale. The artwork is just beautiful and the story still moves forward and ends on a cliffhanger. A very solid issue.