“The Magician’s Tower”

Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Emiliana Pinna

Red Sonja has come to the tower of Merlyn. She first has to fight some mountain ogres. When she gets to the tower she has to then fight a giant. Fortunately, another giant comes along and the two start fighting each other. They make it to the tower and find it deserted. Everything though was removed which suggests that Merlyn is still alive. Sonja and the cursed chainmail leave to continue their quest. They run into some more mountain ogres that Sonja has to fight.

This issue was mainly to establish the relationship between Sonja and the cursed chainmail. The chainmail is a talkative annoying presence. It goes on and on about how the curse can actually be beneficial. It never warns Sonja about the real dangers ahead. The interactions between Sonja and the cursed chainmail it what really drives this story. The writer also keeps your interest in where the story is going.


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