“Fairy Tales”

Writer: Soo Lee

Artist: Emiliana Pinna

Vampirella visits a small village dressed in a red cloak. An old woman tells her the village has been terrorized by a werewolf. She gives Vampirella a basket filled with fruit and wine. She takes it into the woods and sets up a picnic. The werewolf attacks and Vampirella tries to hypnotize it. This fails and she fights it. Finally, she bites the werewolf then tears its head off. She brings the head back to the old woman and leaves on a wagon. The driver will not take her past a point. A point where there is a cottage with an old woman who offers her some milk and cookies.

This is the first of a one-shot series featuring popular female characters in fairy tale stories. Obviously Vampirella gets to be Little Red Riding Hood. She fights a werewolf for an old woman who symbolizes the grandmother. At the end she is confronted by the witch from Hansel and Gretel. A strange story as we never find out why Vampirella is doing this. Even her soliloquies have her questioning why she is here. Still, this was a fun issue and I like the idea behind it. She made a good Red Riding Hood.


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