Writer: Chuck Dixon

Artist: Butch Guice

Scully and Wynn are headed to a wall of containers. Wynn slides the vehicle to a stop and this causes the containers to collapse. This opens a way for the vehicle to escape through the Panama Canal. They decide to head south and learn from a friendly traveler that an airplane was seen there. At a village of La Nina they find a place where there is no snow. Warm air comes from the ocean and they are growing crops. Unfortunately, they get captured by the villagers. Meanwhile a guy with a flamethrower named Skitters is looking for Scully and Wynn. He torches a group of guys in monkey suits.

This was another fun issue. They arrive at Panama and find this village that seems to have warmth and agriculture. There is also a mysterious guy tracking them. Ends with the two captured and probably going to get killed. An exciting cliffhanger and stuff that makes the reader want more.


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