Writer: Steven E. De Souza

Artists: Jethro Morales and Ediano Silva

Sheena has to save the village from both a stampeding horde of dinosaurs and lava. She does this by pushing a large boulder into the river. This diverts the river to the lava and turns the dinosaurs on another path. Only she is captured by the villagers. She finds out they are descendants of her people. That Visser and his men are not good guys. She sends Pete the parrot to warn her friends, but Visser intercepts him. Visser gets Ransom and Bob to help him rescue his men. They go to the village and free the men. Only it is too late when they find out that Visser and his men are Nazis from a U-boat.

The story is getting really interesting. Sheena finds a lost tribe of her own people. Saves them from both lava and dinosaurs. The guy they thought was an escaped Dutchman from Indonesia is really a Nazis and they have inadvertently set them free. A fun story filled with dinosaurs, Nazis and a lost tribe in a lost land. This with some really beautiful artwork, make this a treat to read.


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