Writer: Charles Dixon

Artist: Jorge Zaffino

It is the future when the world has frozen over from an ice age. Scully is a trader and drives around in an armored vehicle trading stuff he scavenges from abandoned shopping malls and stores. One day a group decides to steal from him instead of trade. His pet badger Rahrah kills one of the men. Scully gets another before being knocked out. Fortunately, a young teen girl knifes the third. This girl is named Wynn and she was a slave to these guys. Scully says he will take her to the next settlement and drop her off. Only the vehicle breaks down and they get captured by slavers. They get sold to the Astrodome which is being used to grow fruit and vegetables. Scully after a while gets sentenced to the sewage treatment area as punishment for fighting back. Rahrah pops up and Scully follows him to freedom on the outside through a sewage pipe. Rahrah also killed a goat outside, so Scully has some furs and food.

I love this old ice age apocalypse story from the eighties. It was a really unique and gritty comic for the times. You had this old grumpy trader who develops a fatherly like relationship with a young teen girl. Hints at some civilization that still has airplanes for that is where Wynn is supposed to have come from. The smart badger is a fun little touch to the story. A series that I highly recommend.


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