Writer: Stephen Mooney

Artist: Jethro Morales

Sheena and Beatrice break into the control center of the biodome. They find out from Ransom that his daughter is being held hostage along with the innocent tour group. They also find out that the biodome is failing. A system error is spewing out CO2 which will kill all the wildlife. Sheena and Beatrice manage to find Sheena’s animal friends. They also find out that her uncle is the evil genius behind all this. They have to kill the mercenary Zorn but the uncle escapes. Only he ends up stumbling into the arctic exhibit and the polar bears.

This issue ties up all the plots and ends the story of the biodome. We find out that it is Sheena’s evil uncle responsible for the hunters. He was getting money from the hunters to cover the expected failure of the biodome. Beatrice gets killed at the end. So does the uncle or it is highly hinted at. A fairly talkative issue which isn’t usual. It is effective in giving the reader to whole story.

An enjoyable story but looking forward to the next one. We get the return of Steven de Sousa the guy who created this version of Sheena back in the Devil Due comics day.


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