“The Truth Shall Set Them Free”

Writer: Sarah Hoyt

Artist: Madibek Musabekov

Barbarella and friends are trying to get a ship working to escape the planet. Barbarella decides to broadcast a giant holographic image of herself. She explains to the approaching soldiers about her and that there are other genders in the galaxy. This confuses the one gender inhabitants, and the soldiers decide to break off their attack to absorb this new info. They get a ship working but with the inclusion of George the dinosaur it crashes. George decides to leave, and the others make it to the spaceport. There they meet up with two from the Tortuga organization she works for. They get on the ship and are rescued by George who tears up a tank and burns it with his fire breath. He jumps on the ship, and they continue on their way to find the Lady.

This was a fun issue. The first part was I suppose a sly take on the current gender confusion that is going on in the Western World. It also looks like George the dinosaur is joining the crew as well as the two that rescued them. Once again, the artwork is spectacular. An enjoyable fast read.


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