“The Power of Honor”

Writer: Doug Murray

Artists: Tod Smith and Don Hudson

In the city of Khartoosh in Koth an evil cult has captured a wizard of Mitra and his young daughter. The daughter has power that this cult of Drakka wants. The father manages to sacrifice his life so his daughter can escape. Luckily, she runs into Conan who decides to take her into his protection. From a fellow thief he gets the story of young Najia’s life. He takes her to her mother and along the way has to battle some mercenaries. At the end he fights the cult’s dragon and young Najia discovers her powers and destroys the evil cult.

“The Endless River of Blood”

Writer: Sandy Plunkett

Artists: Sandy Plunkett and Dave Cockrum

In the borderlands of Aquilonia Conan gets a vision of a Mitrian angel. The image spooks his horse and it falls into a pit. Conan grabs the edge and sees a statue with gems in the eyes. A woman manages to save Conan. She is a captain and offers Conan a job which he accepts. Only he later deserts to go get the gems from the statue. He arrives there and finds the captain doing a ritual. She is secretly part of the cult of Yog. The woman manages to cause a cave in. Only the angel of Mitra saves Conan and gets him to be the champion for Mitra. He battles the woman on the supernatural plain and defeats her.

This was an interesting issue. Lots of cultists. The first story was fairly straightforward. Conan saves a young girl from a cult. Battles mercenaries and a dragon. There were some fun sly humors in the story. The young girl was jealous of Conan and cast a spell to make him impotent. He punishers her by spanking her. The second story was a bit out there with its supernatural elements. Yet I found it interesting. A decent issue with some interesting stories to kill time.


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