“The Warrior Princess”

Writer: Roy Thomas

Artists: Jeff Butler and Steve Montano

Xena and Gabrielle come to the home village of Xena and find it in ruins. Some soldiers have Xena’s mother hostage. They claim to be forming an army and try to blackmail Xena into joining to save her mother. She also sees that the commander is none other than Hercules. Naturally Xena makes short work of the pathetic army and they run off. They do leave behind a ruined village and an old friend of Xena’s killed. So, she goes off to seek revenge. Xena arrives at Hercule’s home to find everybody there for Alcmene’s birthday party.

A fight ensues between Hercules and Xena. Eventually Hercules manages to convince her it wasn’t him. The two go on to find the imposter. An old woman directs them and later we find out that old woman was a shapeshifter.

“Hercules, Xena and Me A Personal Perspective on Mythology and Television”

By Roy Thomas

An article on how Roy got a writing assignment for an episode of Xena. It was the one about Troy and this was a very informative article on writing a TV episode.

This issue introduces Xena as a guest star. She was already becoming a popular character after her guest appearance in the first season got her own spinoff series. This story does a great job of introducing her and Gabrielle. It has the feel of an episode. Also sets up the villain. Plus, beautiful art that portrays the characters just as they appear in the series. A great series that supplements the TV series.


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