“Baron Rat and the Haunted House on Rottenwood Avenue”

Writer: Troy Vevasis

Artist: Aleksandar Jovic

Baron Rat is home and bored, so he decides to visit Mr. Crypt at his job at the library. Only he gets lost in the fog and ends up on Rottenwood Avenue. The only thing there is a creepy haunted house. He checks out the place despite the warning sign and runs into a ghost. He runs away but hears the ghost crying. He goes back and she is a friendly ghost. She is also lonely and wants the place cleaned up, so it doesn’t look so creepy. Baron Rat gets started and fixed up the place. He finds a picture and the ghost says it was her husband and son. The son’s face is damaged, but the description sounds like Mr. Crypt. He runs out and finds Mr. Crypt coming home and brings him to the house. He gets reunited with his mother.

This issue of Baron Rat was a lovable story as all the stories usually are. Baron this time finds Mr. Crypt’s mother which is a really heartwarming story. Now we don’t know how Mr. Crypt looks when he was alive or his name. Seems stuff like that is forgotten when you come back as a ghost or living skeleton. Go figure. A simple story but enjoyable and hints at a father that dies out of town and a future family reunion.


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