“Stalking Horse”

Writer: Paul O’Connor

Artists: Juan Muro, Bruce Miller and Barry Blair

Jordy now operates the new Tiger-X the rebels have managed to capture. Just in time to fight off a column of Soviet tri-tanks that are approaching the rebel base. Jordy attacks and takes out some tanks but is forced to retreat. The Soviets are short on fuel and break off. All but one tank that wants all the glory disobeys orders. It is determined to take out the American robot. This renegade tank is instead taken out by the rebels. Jordy finds a young boy from the resistance and takes him into the suit. This bratty boy manages to disable Tiger-X just as the Soviets are approaching.

This series picks up with a new writer. It picks up just where the last series left off. Jordy now has the Tiger-X working but is still trying to figure out everything about the robot. A humorous bit is having Jordy wonder how you take a leak in this robot. He hears running water in the background on a radio call and this gets him squirming. Also, the Soviets are now starting to run out of fuel and spare parts as an American offensive is launched from the east. This also is against the brother/sister feud going on between the commander and Tanya. A good start to the continuing series.


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