“Heku Book Three Triad”

Writers: James Owsley, Val Semeiks and Adam Blaustein

Artists: Val Semeiks and Geof Isherwood

Kobe contemplates his time with Conan. He also starts to show a romantic interest in Anneka. A feeling that is returned after she sees Sevante kiss an unconscious Conan. The next morning, Conan and Kobe are tied together and told they have been poisoned. The antidote is in the ruins of the throne room of El Shah Maddoc. They go and have to fight the scavengers that inhabit the city. They find the Khitains that were sent were ambushed and killed by these scavengers. Kobe seems to succumb to the poison and Conan finds the antidote. Later Conan comes back and finds that Heku faked his death. He wanted to test Kobe. Now with his magic he disappears and so does his horde. Conan, Kobe who is still alive, Anneka and Sevante are left with the combined armies of the west coming.

This was a very weird trilogy. Its mystical Japanese symbolism was interesting but felt very out of place in a Conan story. The romance between Anneka and Kobe was also just developed out of left field. I think the writers wanted to get Anneka out of the picture and this was good way. So, Kobe is still alive although never explained. Heku is still alive and conveniently disappears his horde of improbably warriors. The good thing is that this marks the end of Conan’s time with an entourage and mucking around this part of Koth. Going forward he will return to a wandering loner with adventures in various locations. Something that should have happened after the 200th issue.

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