Writer: Christopher Hastings

Artist: Andres Labrada

Asmodeus the first lord of Hell has returned with his followers that died in the airplane. Hell Sonja has to fight him and wins. Asmodeus has some unexpected allies. The Sonjas that died in the airplane were killed by him, so he has control of their souls. The Sonjas especially Red aggressively attack. Only it is no match for the power that Hell Sonja controls. She easily dispatches Asmodeus and that breaks the spell he had on the Sonjas. As a reward she releases the Sonjas to be reborn into a new life. There are still plenty more Sonjas she can use in the multiverse.

The final issue is a bit of a letdown. It was very anticlimactic. Asmodeus was just easily dispatched by a giant mouth in the floor. You think you could write something with some more tension and danger. An opponent with power that is difficult to defeat. Well anyway the ending was nice. All the Sonjas get to relive their lives over. Red Sonja is reunited with Warrick, and they will be reborn to live many more lives. I hope the upcoming Hell Sonja Red Sonja series gives us some worthy threat. I do love Hell Sonja as a character. She has great potential and the whole various Sonjas also.

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