“Burning Down the House”

Writer: Mike Carey

Artist: Kenan Yarar

Jury and Vix are about to be spaced. Luckily, they manage to escape and take over the Earthship. Barbarella finds the oracle and it turns out to be an old human woman living in a spaceship. She was an astro-surveyor that discovered the neutronium in the sun. She also told the Rua that their mining would be detrimental to the Esseverine. Naturally the Rua sabotaged her ship so it would crash into the sun. She managed to survive and kind of became an oracle to the childlike Esseverine. While not much help she does give Barbarella the idea that she needs to stop the Rua. The Earth commander had built a weapon into her suit. Barbarella manages to detonate it and it freezes the Rua. The Esseverine are saved and Jury saves Barbarella from the sun.

Well, this storyline wasn’t that bad. I do have a bit of a problem with her just walking around the sun. I mean she doesn’t have any eye protection. How does this suit protect her? It was also a bit too easy to defeat the Rua. Still, it had a happy ending, and it was a coherent story. Even Yarar’s art wasn’t too bad in this issue.


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