Writer & Artist: Ben Dunn

The resistance has rescued the head scientist of the Tiger-X project from the Soviets. Unfortunately, his mind is a bit gone. They do manage too eventually get the location. The Soviets though have a head start and arrive at the secret base. They load up the Tiger-X robot on a flatbed truck. The resistance ambushes them and suffers heavy losses. Lone Wolf and a companion manage to capture the truck, but the companion is killed. Meanwhile there is still intrigue between the commander of security and his sister Tanya who wants to depose him.

Another fun story for the first of the series. There is plenty of action filled with tri-tanks that hover and giant robots. Between the action we learn some more about the rivalry between Major Tovarish and his sister Tanya. There is also a traitor in the rebel camp who discovers that they are on to his presence. This is a great series that takes me back to the old days of the Soviet menace.


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