“Blade of the Demon Slayer”

Writer: John Arcudi

Artist: Armando Gil

An Iranistani adventurer on the borders of Khaitai is fleeing two mountain lions. They get his horse but he manages to climb a cliff to safety. There he finds a strange valley filled with skeletons both human and other. He also finds a huge sword that can cut through rock. We then switch to Conan and his fellow bounty hunters ambushing a camp of bandits. The bandits are actually working for Dai-Ling a wealth man in the border town of Shar-Pei. Dai-Ling secretly has a hatred for Conan for his raids on his men but can’t openly do anything. The Iranistani bumps into some of Dai-Ling’s men and a fight breaks out. Both Conan and Dai-Ling see the sword and secretly want it. Later Conan visits the inn and finds that the man was murdered, and the sword stolen. He goes after it.

He finds the two men using it to make money at a small village in fights. Conan challenges the wielder and wins. Dai-Ling also wants the sword and is approached by a witch woman who gives him the power of invincibility. Dai-Ling decides to punish the people of Shar-Pei and he slaughters the city. Conan hears this and comes to fight Dai-Ling. He manages to defeat him and later decides to throw the sword into a lake. It was demanding too much from him.

“Dave Simons Portfolio”

A collection of full-page drawings of Conan by the artist.

This story by Arcudi has a fun read. Has mystery and intrigue, along with a sorcerous sword. We find out it was created by wizards long ago to battle invaders from a dark magic world that threatened to destroy mankind. The sword wanted a lifetime commitment from Conan, so he decided to get rid of it. Probably a good idea for he has too much adventuring to do with his life.

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