Writer: Christopher Hastings

Artist: Pasquale Qualano

On the planet Belagor an evil warlord named Hrodulf is conquering it. He serves a dark god and sacrifices many of his captives. This time though there are those to oppose him. The Hell Sonja team which consists of Red Sonja, Blue Sonja, Moon Sonja, and Gold Sonja have come to stop him. They easily defeat his soldiers and Hrodulf tries to escape on a giant fly. Gold Sonja gets a flying dragon, and they go off after him. They manage to get Hellfire from Hell Sonja which incinerates Hrodulf. Hrodulf finds himself in Hell greeted by Purple Sonja and her giant robot. She is the guardian of the gates of Hell. The Sonjas take a break with another world saved and evil souls feed to keep Hell from collapsing.

Hell Sonja has her own title and I love it. She has recruited more Sonjas since the last issue of Sonjaversal. Only Red is familiar but I love the new Moon and Gold ones. Each Sonja has her own personality and set of skills. Yet they have a common badassness to them. This has the potential to be a fun and goofy series.

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