“Red Hot Gospel Part Three: Fire and Sword”

Writer: Mike Carey

Artist: Kenan Yarar

Barbarella recovers from being shot to find the agent’s robot getting ready to dispose of her. This robot is too busy complaining to notice Barbarella has recovered. She manages to find an electrical cord and short circuit the robot. She immediately goes to a body loom and restores herself. The little creature she picked up last issue that parrots people fills her in by recreating the conversation between Jury and Pendrum. Pendrum’s plan is to destroy the genetic satellites so they can’t create new babies. Then he will introduce a virus into the central body looms so the Parosians can’t reconfigure the women to have babies naturally.

She sees the missiles launch and also finds a robotic unicorn named Pegasus. Pegasus can fly and takes Barbarella to the main body loom controls. She calls the police, so they arrive and stop Pendrum’s plan. Later the Parosians decide that worshippers are more important than purity. Soon it is every Parosians religious duty to procreate. The war stops since they are too busy procreating. Barbarella leaves Jury who stays behind to help the Parosians with learning how to have sex. This involves distributing steam romance novels.

This actually wasn’t a bad story. It started out slow but really picked up. Tied it up quick and didn’t drag it out. The art sucks but an amusing plot. Something I wasn’t really expecting.

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