Emerald Lust”

Writer: Charles Dixon

Artist: Gary Kwapisz

Conan gets in trouble by sleeping with a chieftain’s daughter in Vanaheim. This chieftain assembles a group to go after him. Red Sonja who happens to be in the area offers her services. Meanwhile a Vanir ship finds a guy on a raft. Before he dies, he tells of a great emerald mountain far to the north. Valeria, who is on the ship, was able to translate and convinces the captain to go after this treasure. Conan comes to the port and meets his old friend Valeria who invites him on the quest.

Conan agrees since the chieftain is after him. The chieftain is not swayed by Conan leaving and hires a ship to pursue. Conan and the crew do find an emerald mountain. Only it is soon discovered that the mountain is made of green ice and not emerald. The chieftain’s ship arrives and attacks. During the fight the ice mountain collapses and destroyed both ships. Only Conan, Sonja and Valeria survive. They head south and battle the cold and huge walruses.

“The King Kull Portfolio”

Artists: Steve Carr and Al Williamson

A portfolio of full-page drawings from some of Kull’s greatest stories.

Dixon and Kwapisz are back to the series, and we get another fun story. This one has both Red Sonja and Valeria. I didn’t think that the super jealous Valeria was really in character for her. Otherwise, it was an interesting story. Now there was a story taking place in the far north about two issues ago. So, it seemed a bit repetitive. Yet I have no complains about the art. It was beautiful especially Sonja and Valeria. The Kull portfolio was also enjoyable to look at.

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