“Conan’s Last Stand at the Edge of the World Part Six: The Boy in the Tree”

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Mahmud Asrar

A sailor approaches the throne of Conan II with grim news. His ship found a reef surrounded by corpses. In the reef was the broken sword of Conan. It is assumed that Conan is dead. Back to the past and Conan and Thoth Amon fight the zombie hordes and red apes of Princess Prima. Conan manages to set the massive cache of lava tar on fire. This blows up the entire island. Thoth Amon decides to claim the princess’s power but instead ends up a prisoner to that power. Conan later sits on the surviving reef drinking wine. He sees the sharks and something in the water and dives in. Back to the present and Conan II sails to the Western Sea. He throws in a good sword to carry to his father. At the end Conan has found the fingernail boat that Princess Prima was going to entrap Conan. But the islands power is gone, and he continues on to new lands to the west.

This was an excellent ending to an excellent story. They really outdid themselves with their final Conan story for Marvel. It had the perfect touch and ended as it should, Conan going off into new lands to explore. He is timeless and should never die. So now Conan and other REH properties will go to Titan next year. Probably a good idea as Marvel is circling the drain. They did a great job with Conan. Thankfully the owners of Conan insisted on quality and not wokeness. Otherwise, I have a feeling that we would have got a nonbinary pink haired Conan. I commend everyone involved with Conan for Marvel on an excellent job and look forward to what Titan will do next year.

2 thoughts on “KING CONAN #6

  1. REH is going to Titan? I hadn’t heard that, that’s quite a coup for Titan. I wonder how they will approach the individual properties- I’d love them to take Conan back to the ultraviolent, prestige large-format b&w magazine that Savage Sword was, with a classical illustration approach like that of John Buscema. Alas, it’ll no doubt be the usual computer-colour mag stuff.

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