“Warriors of Zandar”

Writers: Christopher Paul Carey and Mike Wolfer

Artist: Alessandro Ranaldi

Victory Harbin’s friend Tii-Laa has come in killing the Keelars. The Keelars also turn on Victory when she sides with Tii-Laa. Hucklebuck grows to a huge size but gets bitten by a Frozah whose venom is deadly. Victory gets very aggressive and attacks but the Keelar numbers capture all three. Later they are taken to a dungeon and Victory finds out the Keelars are gathering life force for the Ones from Above. In return the Ones protect the Keelars from creatures from the Land of Terrible Fires. When the king leaves, Hucklebuck shrinks to a small size and escapes the cell. This also expels the venom in his system so he will not die. Hucklebuck finds and brings back another protector of the Kii-Vas.

This issue we find out some interesting stuff. Like that the Keelars are taking the life force for the Ones from Above. That Tii-Laa is a protector of her species. It also makes her an outcast of the pacifist Lii-Vas. Sounds like in the next issue we will get to see who these Ones from Above are. A strange issue but I am enjoying it.

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