“Rites of Inquisition”

Writer: James C. Owsley

Artists: John Buscema and Ernie Chan

Conan grieves alone at the funeral for Jahli the boy king of El Shah Maddoc. He does take the time to accuse those he suspects were behind the assassination. The Seven Apostles are a group of seven that the Council of Seven sent to destabilize the kingdom. The council has sent the Devourer of Souls to kill the six known members. The seventh is rumored to be a priest of Namur. Conan and his friends go to arrest the six known members, but the Devourer gets there first and kills them. Conan gets to the sixth and finds out the Council of Seven’s part in the assassination. He goes to confront the council. At the end it is revealed that Kaleb is the seventh apostle.

An interesting issue in showing that Conan wants to get those responsible for killing Jahli. We get to see these members and they are a loathsome bunch of men and woman. The Devourer of Souls serves the council, so he still has some part to play in this. Conan knows where the council is and goes after them. A nice filler issue that takes it slow while spoon feeding us the plot.

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