Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Alessandro Miracolo

John Carter has arrived at the interdimensional palace of Rotak Gall. Gall has been expecting him and takes his captive Dejah to meet the Longborn. At a gate she sees two of the Longborn for the first time. They are impressed with Dejah and how she managed to disrupt their plans to conquer Barsoom. Now that Dejah has united the planet the Long Winter will not work. They have decided to use the direct method and conquer outright. They plan to use Dejah as bait to lure John Carter to them and capture him. Which they manage to do at the end by wearing him down with numbers. Gall will use Carter to genetically create an army of super Earthmen to conquer the world.

This issue we get to finally meet the Longborn. Actually, I am not that impressed. They just seem to be giant guys. Yet we find out they are gods that created the planets. Now they want to take over. They also plan to create a clone army of John Carters. Not a bad idea and has some potential. Nice to see Carter no longer this whiny pussy and actually being a man of action. A heavy exposition issue intercut with scenes of Carter fighting hordes of warriors and giant creatures. Not a real exciting issue but does give us some insight into the plot. Enough to keep my interest.

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