Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Alessandro Miracolo

Dejah and company come face to face with Rotak Gall a mastermind scientist. He seems to be harmless and except for some monsters that he sends away, no threat to anyone. Rotak claims that he was mind controlled by Shab Than and forced to do their bidding. What that was? Well, Rotak offers to show the group. Only he manages to transport Dejah alone to another dimension. In this dimension he shows her what he was working on. Genetically engineered black pirates that could survive the long winter. They capture Dejah and Rotak then tells her his plan. He will sell her to the Longborn in exchange for them letting him live when they invade. John Carter hears that Dejah is gone and goes to the palace of Rotak. He manages to find the dimensional doorway and faces a horde of the black pirates.

This second issue was something I really enjoyed. The story was interesting with an intriguing character. He starts out as harmless but is revealed to be anything but. Now Dejah is a prisoner with him building an army of genetically enhanced black pirates. What I was really happy to see is John Carter back to himself. No longer this pathetic simp but a man of action. He goes after Dejah and comes out fighting. Definitely an improvement over the first issue.

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