Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Alessandro Miracolo

Dejah is now queen of all Barsoom apparently. She takes off to find a scientist that was working for the deposed regime. John Carter is left behind full of self-pity. All he can do is whine about being pathetic and wanting to go back to Virginia. Dejah’s ship comes to a jungle and is attacked by a huge creature. Dejah with special armor is able to jump off the ship and kill it single-handedly. Fortunately, the Therns are along and can use their magical powers to kill all the other beasts that the scientist Rotak Gall created. They find the scientists palace and him sitting on the steps.

A new series continuing where the last one left off. Dejah is now the Jeddara and taking charge to fight the Longborn. This series title implies that John and Dejah become rivals and fight each other. So far that doesn’t look very likely. John Carter is a whiny pathetic excuse. Really not a fan of this. This is the typical bullshit of having to elevate the woman character by denigrating the male one. Dejah in this is some super perfect Mary Sue. She can just save everyone against a worm creature as tall as the Empire State building without breaking a sweat. Also don’t care for making the Therns these overpowering super magical people. In the books they were pretty much a bunch of charlatans and losers.

I will end on some positive notes. The overall story has some potential. The art looks OK, and this weird scientist has piqued my interest. So, we will see what the next issue brings us.


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