“Fury of the Near-Men”

Writer: Charles Dixon

Artists: Gary Kwapisz and Ernie Chan

Conan is riding across the grass plains of Darfur when he is attacked by a pack of wild dogs. They kill his horse, but Conan manages to drive them off. He later comes on a caravan run by a Corinthian and his son and daughter. Conan saves the daughter from a sabretooth and gets welcomed by the father. They recognize Conan from his gladiator days and the daughter has an infatuation with Conan. Later the caravan is attacked by monkey-men and a storm floods the area and washes Conan away. He is saved by another race of beast-men. After killing the leader, Conan is the new leader. He teaches them how to build spears and bow and arrows. Then leads them to the monkey-men to rescue his friends. He is too later for the father and son but manages to rescue the daughter. After burning down the monkey-men village he and the daughter continue on to civilization. The beast-men start to worship Conan as a god.

“A Bond of Blood”

Writer: John Arcudi

Artist: Mark Pacella

The guy who summoned the demon to kill Kull last issue is at it again. He summons the father of the demon who is pissed to hear that Kull killed his son. This demon though starts to boss around the guy who summoned him. Kull finds this guy and convinces him to help send the demon back. Kull uses the skin from the demon he killed to cover his arm. This is effective in beating up the demon and the guy can complete the spell to open the portal. Only Kull is not in a forgiving mood and tosses the guy into the portal after the demon.

This was an offbeat issue. What with two non-human types. There are the evil monkey guys and the peaceful kinda lion type guys. An original story that was interesting. Of course, once again we get the wonderful Kwapisz/Chan artwork. The Kull story was also an enjoyable one. Kull defeats another demon and gets rid of the troublemaker as only Kull could. Definitely enjoying this run of Savage Sword.

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