Writer: Jim Owsley

Artists: John Buscema and Ernie Chan

Conan has been made the warlord of the Kothian city-state of El Shah Maddoc. Yet the king had to give him this title for saving his father. He gives Conan as assignment to take his troops and destroy roving bands of M’Gal, a Kushite nomadic tribe. Only the troops given him are not real soldiers, but dregs taken from the dungeon. Maddoc wants Conan to die and his former warlord Shapur, his daughter Anneka and grandson Jahli. A messenger arrives from the M’Gal with an offer to allow Conan to go free. Conan refuses and this inspires his men. They ambush the attacking M’Gal but are almost wiped out when the M’Gal see something and suddenly flee. Imhotep has arrived. Meanwhile Tetra makes an alliance with the mad king Maddoc.

This was an excellent issue. Conan has to fight a savage horde with substandard men. Yet he manages and we find out some more stuff. That his page is the grandson of the man he deposed. This boy is also the king’s illegitimate son. Shapur is originally arrogant with losing his job but rallies behind Conan to save himself and his daughter. Tetra is making an alliance with the bat shit crazy king who thinks he is a god. Ends with the cliffhanger of Imhotep arriving and a hint at a big battle between him and Conan. An excellent issue with one minor thing. It was originally established that the city was in Shem but now it is in Koth. A minor continuity issue but still something that bugs me.

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