“Dawn of a Crimson Day”

Writer: Gail Simone

Artists: Walter Geovani, Dearbhla Kelly and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Red Sonja is born and as a young girl sees her village slaughtered. She learns how to fight and becomes a great warrior. She gets pregnant and the baby dies. She loses an eye and as an old woman visits the graves of her parents.

“Small Tales”

Writer: Dearbhla Kelly

Artists: Soo Lee & Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Sonja steps in a snare that was set by a young girl. This girl named Rua claims to be an orphan and her parents killed by bandits. Sonja agrees to take her to the next village. Sonja starts to bond with Rua going on about all the tall tales she heard about Sonja. At night they are attacked by wolves and Sonja gets her to safety. At the village Sonja finds out her parents are alive and worried. Rua ran away to find Sonja and become her apprentice. Sonja tells her to stay with her loving parents.


Writer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Artists: Jonathan Lau & Dearbhla Kelly

Sonja comes to collect a bounty for killing a fire breathing dragon. She is shown a dark crevasse and is attacked by a flame. She discovers that it is a phony dragon, and it was a trap to get Sonja. The people behind it were after a bounty on Sonja. Sonja pretends to be their prisoner so she can gain access to this king that wants her.

The first and third story had no dialogue at all. The first was just a rehash of Sonja’s life but the third had a fun little story. The middle story was my favorite. I loved the little girl and nice to see Sonja get bested by a little girl in the beginning. The main draw for this issue is the artwork. All the stories had incredible artwork and that alone was worth the price.

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