Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Sebastian Piriz

Dejah and her companions meet Matai Shang and the Therns at the estate of John Carter in New York. The Therns tell Dejah that the instability both on Barsoom and Earth is being caused by a race called the Longborn. This ancient race wants to cleanse life from all the planets of the solar system and repopulate them. The Therns show Dejah and friends this with a thought projection. It shows the future of Barsoom. A dead world with every race at war with one another. Dejah agrees to ally with the Therns and go back to Barsoom and stop the evil war plans of the Jeddak Kurz and his ally the Jeddara of Zodanga. They get transported back to Barsoom just as the US Army arrives to capture them.

This wasn’t a bad issue. We get to find out some stuff like why is Barsoom going to Hell and for that matter Earth. The Longborn are an intriguing opponent that have potential. The issue was a bit on the exposition side. I liked the inclusion of Edgar as a fun nod to the writer. I still don’t buy bringing back Matai Shang from the dead or making the Therns these all-powerful ancient beings. The writer is definitely using the Disney movie and not the original novels. Also, I didn’t care for the adventures on Earth. I had high hopes, but it all seemed pointless and unexciting. So, we shall see what happens when Dejah and friends go back to Barsoom.

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