Writer: Dan Abnett

Artist: Sebastian Piriz

Dejah and her companions have stopped in Pineville, Pennsylvania. Dejah with Marohk go to the theater while Llana and Jefferson steal a car. Two FBI agents find them in the theater and a fight ensues with Dejah coming out on top. Only when they leave the theater it is surrounded by soldiers. Llana tosses a car and attacks, but Marohk uses his telepathic power to freeze the soldiers. They continue on to the Carter estate in Croton-On-Hudson. Edgar is there to greet them. He also reveals that he has other guests from Barsoom. Matai Shang and some Therns.

This was not a really good issue. I had high hopes for an adventure on Earth, but this is just a bust. Not a lot happens except some minor tussles. The abomination of Llana who dresses as a man (no surprise) and stomps around and shows off her superpowers. God her character becomes more and more insufferable as this series continues. A guest appearance by ERB does nothing for the story. Also, I thought that Matai Shang was killed in the book series. And what the hell are Therns doing on Earth. Burroughs basically portrayed them as just dumb tools that were used by the First Born. They didn’t have any special powers or technology. Abnett seems to be adapting the Disney movie version of the Therns. This series is really becoming a disappointment.

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