“Witches’ Keep”

Writer: Jim Owsley

Artists: John Buscema and Bob Camp

Conan and Kiev are in a forest on their way to El Shah Maddoc a city-state in Koth. While in a tree looking to get his bearings, Conan finds his companion suddenly gone. Also, some soldiers attack him. They take Conan to General Soto who is from El Shah Maddoc and looking for a witch named Ren. Conan warns him about the coming of Imhotep and goes off to find Ren. He finds her and she did kidnap Kiev. She will give him back if Conan brings her the head of General Soto. His death will disorient his men and make it easier for Imhotep to kill them. This will distract Imhotep so she and her daughters can escape.

Conan agrees but kills a lizard and bloodies the bag to fool Ren. She takes him to Kiev but discovers his deceit. Conan manages to cut off the head of Ren. Just then General Soto and his men arrive but so does Imhotep. Imhotep and his demons kill them and flatten the jungle. Only he loses power because of the amulet Conan possesses. Conan and Kiev continue on. Tetra comes and takes the witches’ head and control of her daughters.

Another interesting story. Conan has an amulet that Imhotep needs. Tetra is somehow behind all this but not yet sure of her endgame. Conan has this destination of El Shah Maddoc. Not sure why unless I missed something from last issue. A good story with the usual excellent artwork.

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